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Seahawks’ Tom Cable gives the skinny on his weight loss

Seahawks offensive-line coach Tom Cable, pictured in May (left) and in 2011, said he's lost 138 pounds. (AP)

You probably aren’t alone if you’ve seen Seahawks offensive-line coach Tom Cable over the last year or so and done a double take.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Cable joked Wednesday.

Just a significantly lighter version.

Once an absolute mountain of a man, Cable told 710 ESPN Seattle’s “Bob and Groz” that he’s lost a staggering 138 pounds. The photos atop this post illustrate how different the 49-year-old Cable looks now compared to 2011, which was his first season in Seattle.

Cable credits his wife, calling her responsible for his weight loss and saying that an improved diet has been part of the solution.

“We eat clean now, I think is the right word,” he said.

You may recall that serious back issues forced Cable to have surgery in September of 2011. Cable, an offensive lineman for the University of Idaho in the mid-80s, said his back problems were part of his motivation to lose the weight.

“It was all those things. You play long enough and then you have that kind of major surgery,” he said. “Since I’ve taken the weight off I haven’t had any issues. I feel like I’m 29 again, so it’s pretty cool.”