Mike Salk

Mike Salk

Mike Salk is host of 710 ESPN Seattle's Mike Salk Show from 6-10 a.m. and the weekly Brock and Salk Podcast. He helped launch 710 ESPN Seattle in 2009 and returned to the station in 2014 after a year away. He lives in Seattle with his wife, two daughters and French bulldog. Follow Mike: @TheMikeSalk

Salk: Mariners’ first 2 moves exciting step toward offseason they need

Two moves in, the Mariners have put themselves in position to have a great offseason, writes 710 ESPN Seattle's Mike Salk.
5 days ago

Salk: There’s one thing the next UW Huskies football coach has to have

There's a lesson Washington must take away from Jimmy Lake's failure when hiring his replacement as UW Huskies head football coach.
19 days ago

Mike’s Travelogue: AZ Good AZ it Gets

SPONSORED POST – The final road trip of the year is perfectly timed: Phoenix in January. While the rain and drizzle won’t relent at home, see the sun, the palm trees and the saguaro while catching a heated division rivalry. The stadium is in Glendale, land of chain restaurants and fast food. If you want […]
28 days ago

Mike’s Travelogue: Oooh, LA, LA!

SPONSORED POST – If you can only plan one football trip this season, doesn’t it have to be to Los Angeles to see the newest stadium in great weather while it rains at home? Don’t you want to see a huge divisional rivalry in a totally new setting? The only problem with a trip to […]
1 month ago

Salk: It’s go time — why this is Mariners most important offseason ever

The Mariners outperformed expectations in 2021. The manager has built a winning culture. Now it’s time for the front office to help that group take the next step.
1 month ago

Salk: Why did Seahawks fans turn to boos? The 3 likely reasons

Booing has been rarely heard at Lumen Field over the last decade, but Seahawks fans were vocal in Monday's loss. Mike Salk examines why.
1 month ago

Mariners’ Mitch Haniger, Jerry Dipoto sound more like they’re on same page

Comments Thursday by Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto about Mitch Haniger on 710 ESPN Seattle paint a better picture about a possible extension than before.
2 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: Star in a Lone Star Adventure

SPONSORED POST – Dallas has its cowboy hats. Austin has hipsters. San Antonio remembers the Alamo. But what about Houston? Named for famed general and statesman Sam Houston (who played a significant role in the Texas Revolution), it doesn’t get talked about enough as one of the country’s biggest cities, but Houston has the fourth […]
2 months ago

Salk’s Seattle Kraken Observations: Good and bad from NHL opener

The Seattle Kraken may have lost Tuesday in Vegas, but it wasn't a bad showing in their first game, as 710 ESPN Seattle's Mike Salk details.
2 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: Capitalize on a DC Trip

SPONSORED POST – The White House. The Capital. The Washington Monument. Yes, they are all in Washington DC but I’m assuming you don’t need a guide to find some of the most famous tourist attractions in the entire country. Just drive into DC and start touring! But you’re going to want to find the perfect […]
2 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: The Best Way to Green Bay

SPONSORED POST – There are a number of ways to get to Green Bay for a football game. You can fly to Chicago and make the three hour trek north. Or you can fly through Milwaukee and shave an hour off that drive. If you seriously hate to drive, you can connect in either Minneapolis […]
2 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: Penn-cil in a Pittsburgh Trip

SPONSORED POST – Growing up, I always thought Pittsburgh would be ugly. The old stadiums and steel mills that had clearly seen their best days. When I finally visited there in college, I found out that nothing could have been further from the truth. After a resurgence and influx of investment in the 1990’s, Pittsburgh […]
2 months ago

Salk: What sets these Mariners apart is they’re playing like a playoff team

The Mariners have been in the race late in the season before in recent years, but this team is the first to be playing like a playoff team when it needs to.
2 months ago

Salk: Why has Pete Carroll’s reaction to Seahawks’ start been out of character?

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll's level of candor this week has surprised Mike Salk, particularly direct comments about his QB and a seeming lack of patience.
2 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: Go Above and Bay-ond

SPONSORED POST – “Ork,” says the giant beast. “Ork, ork, ork” choruses the 800 some odd thousand pounds of sea lion friends sharing Pier 39. They are busy lounging on the docks, occasionally pushing each other into the water, and finding a snack now and again. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit […]
3 months ago

Salk: The 5 reasons Mariners’ Scott Servais has been AL’s best manager

Scott Servais deserves credit for what the Mariners have done this season, writes Mike Salk, who explains why he should be AL Manager of the Year.
3 months ago

Salk: Mariners have Baseball America’s top system, but how do they capitalize?

Baseball America's latest farm systems rankings feature the Mariners at No. 1. What does it mean? Mike Salk explains and maps out how Seattle must take advantage.
4 months ago

Salk: Big difference for Seahawks is that now, the offense is the show

Offense has been the focus before at Seahawks training camp, but nothing like it is now, with Russell Wilson allowed more control and a bevy of weapons at his disposal.
4 months ago

Salk: Mariners’ trades were no betrayal — they’ve clearly improved with moves

Emotions ran high during the Mariners' trade deadline week, but after doing some digging and seeing how Seattle's additions have played, Mike Salk is fired up about what the M's accomplished.
4 months ago

Salk: The top 5 Seahawks storylines as training camp begins

With Seahawks training camp upon us, Mike Salk shares what he thinks will be the biggest stories about the team to follow this season.
4 months ago

Seattle Kraken expansion draft: Salk’s dream team from available players

The Seattle Kraken team takes shape with Wednesday's expansion draft. Mike Salk shares his list of 12 players he hopes Seattle selects.
5 months ago

Salk’s Mariners Observations: What they need to do, and what’s working

The Mariners showed a lot in their last week before the All-Star break. Mike Salk goes through the good and the bad in some M's observations.
5 months ago

Salk: 4 trade targets Mariners could pursue to improve playoff hopes

What should the Mariners do at the July 30 MLB trade deadline? Mike Salk breaks down four players they could go after, with help from Jon Morosi on what it would take to get them.
5 months ago

Salk: As Mariners decide if their window is opening, they must remember the goal

The Mariners are reaching a point where they must figure out when and how to transition from full-time development mode to going for it.
6 months ago