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Mike Salk is host of Seattle Sports' Brock & Salk from 6-10 a.m. He helped launch Seattle Sports in 2009 and returned to the station in 2014 after a year away. He lives in Seattle with his wife, two daughters and French bulldog. Follow Mike: @TheMikeSalk

Salk: 4 ways Wagner’s Seahawks return is an unmitigated success

Bobby Wagner's return to the Seattle Seahawks hasn't been good or great. It's already an unmitigated success, Mike Salk writes.
5 days ago

Salk: Who do Mariners need to step up during intense final stretch?

The Seattle Mariners are about to start the most intense 10 days of baseball they have seen in ages. So who do the M's need to see the best out of?
7 days ago

Salk: Blaming Pete already? Seahawks coach’s style has tradeoffs

Why does Pete Carroll get blamed at the first sign of trouble? Mike Salk explains a few important things about the Seattle Seahawks coach.
14 days ago

Salk: Mariners in 1st place? 3 things brought them here

The Seattle Mariners survived their tough start and sit in first place because of three things, writes Mike Salk: plan, patience and pivots.
30 days ago

Salk: What about the Seahawks’ hype is and isn’t fragile

When it comes to the Seattle Seahawks in 2023, it’s hard not to get caught up in the hope. Or is it hype? Mike Salk breaks down five things about this team to determine their fragility.
1 month ago

Salk: Do the Mariners have a 9th-inning problem? It’s complicated

With no Paul Sewald and some recent late-inning bullpen issues, do the Seattle Mariners have a 9th-inning problem? Mike Salk breaks it down.
1 month ago

Salk: What 3 kinds of bias have to do with this Mariners season

Mike Salk applies the theories of confirmation bias, recency bias, and primacy bias to the 2023 Seattle Mariners season.
2 months ago

Salk: Mariners being in between is why deadline was frustrating

Mike Salk explains his frustration with what the Seattle Mariners did at the MLB trade deadline, and why it mostly has to do with their standing.
2 months ago

Salk: The Seahawks’ 6 biggest storylines as training camp begins

It's a very different vibe as the Seattle Seahawks go into training camp compared to a year ago. Mike Salk breaks down why with his top six storylines.
2 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: Flocking to the AZ weather

Once again, the football gods have given us a gift. What could be better than a trip to the desert to see Seattle dominate a division foe?
2 months ago

Salk: Mariners’ Julio Rodríguez a rare star who truly plays for the fans

"We're lucky to get to watch an athlete like Julio Rodríguez...he's a player that truly seems to want a relationship with those who adore him."
3 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: Hold Titan to a Tennessee Good Time

This year, the schedule-makers are giving Seattle fans a chance to sample one of the best hot spots in the U.S.: Nashville.
3 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: Fly the Gold Standard to the Golden Gates

The best thing about Seattle playing in San(ta Clara) Francisco every year is there is always an excuse to travel to the Bay Area.
3 months ago

Salk: Seahawks still need Geno Smith to show one important thing

Quarterback Geno Smith represents an exception on the Seattle Seahawks roster, and the clock is ticking for him to show one thing, writes Mike Salk.
3 months ago

Salk: Seahawks look like they’ve found the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ again

The Seattle Seahawks have been searching for the formula they had from 2012-14, when they rose to the top of the league. They may have found it again.
3 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: W-Heels up to Dallas

It’s rare to get back-to-back seasons with road trips to Dallas, but that is the case this season for the hometown team.
4 months ago

Salk: Seattle Seahawks observations from Week 1 of OTAs

Mike Salk details his takeaways from Seattle Seahawks OTAs, including thoughts on Devin Bush, the QBs and much more.
4 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: LA LA Lots of fun in LA

When there’s a chance to take in a late November football game in LA, it’s a no-brainer for football-centric travel!
4 months ago

Salk: 5 things Seattle Kraken accomplished in impressive Year 2

The Seattle Kraken season ended Monday night with a Game 7 loss to Dallas, but there's a lot to be proud of from their first playoff season.
4 months ago

Seahawks Observations: Salk’s takeaways from rookie minicamp

Mike Salk attended the Seattle Seahawks' rookie minicamp and came away impressed by what he saw from the team's 10-player draft class.
5 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: Raven’ about Baltimore

A trip to Baltimore doesn’t need to be limited to Charm City. But once you’re in town, there are a few things you need to do.
5 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: It’s a Cincy to get to Cincinnati

When was the last time you went to Cincinnati? Wait, you mean you’ve never been there? Well, it’s time to remedy that.
5 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: Giant Adventures in New York

Take an early October game to New York as an opportunity to pay homage to the greatest day in franchise history?
5 months ago

Mike’s Travelogue: Detroit-style pizza is one of many reasons to visit Motown

For the second straight year, the football gods have given you a reason to travel to Detroit. Maybe it’s time to listen!
5 months ago