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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
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What’s Seahawks’ Russell Wilson been up to? He stole the mic to tell Tom, Jake and Stacy

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson made a surprise appearance on 710's Tom, Jake and Stacy. (Getty)

When discussing the fact that somehow in his eight NFL seasons, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has not received a single vote for league MVP, 710 ESPN Seatte’s Tom, Jake and Stacy got a surprise guest in the form of the star quarterback himself.

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“Come on? No votes at all? What more do I have to do around here, huh?” he said (no, he was not actually upset). “I’m just saying, can we get a few votes here or there? Why not?”

Wilson is home in California, but 710 host Jake Heaps, a former Seahawks quarterback, is down there with him, training Seattle’s quarterback.

“Russell Wilson just took my mic from me and he’s so outraged that he heard this conversation and had to come say something,” Heaps said.

The impromptu interview was a lot of fun, covering a bunch of topics in a short period of time. You can listen to the full interview in the embedded video below, and read much more under that.

Talking to the rookies

The NFL Draft was just weeks ago and for those rookies, it can be a strange time transitioning to being a professional athlete. That’s been made even more strange with the coronavirus impacting team’s offseason plans.

Wilson is making sure to be a leader where he can.

“In terms of the rookies, I’m in a group message with all of the draft picks, so we’re having a good time getting those guys ready,” he said. “We’ve spent a lot of time (together) – hours upon hours. I spend about two hours with them every day. We’ve been putting the work in, so they’re way ahead, so it’s been good.”

What are you watching?

Something many of us have been doing while working from home and quarantining is watching a lot of movies and TV series. Stacy Rost wanted to know which show Wilson and his wife, musician Ciara, have been focusing on.

“‘Too Hot to Handle’ is what we’re watching right now,” he said, much to Rost’s enjoyment.

Training camp outside of Washington

Washington state was the firs to record a coronavirus case in the U.S. and has been among the leaders in number of cases over the last few months, which has caused a shutdown of many aspects of everyday life. Tom Wassell wanted to know what Wilson thought of the Seahawks potentially holding training camp away from the team’s facility in Renton.

“Obviously, you’d like to have it in Seattle, but if that’s what we’ve got to do, that’s what we’ve got to do,” he said. “We’re on a mission to win a Super Bowl and the whole point of us getting prepared is to win the whole thing. I don’t get dressed up to come in second place.”

Food takes

Apparently, Heaps dislikes salsa and Rost wanted to make sure Wilson knew.

“He doesn’t like salsa?” Wilson asked. “I’m going to kick him out of my house. We’ve been training and stuff, but he doesn’t like salsa? He can’t dance, so he definitely can’t salsa dance.”

“You definitely can’t dance either,” Heaps responded.

“Easy buddy, easy,” Wilson said.

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