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Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett
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Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett on timing of loss to Rams: ‘I think it’s gonna work out in our favor’

Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett discussed his New Era line at CenturyLink Field on Monday. (Getty)

“One unit. One body. One sound.”

That’s how Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett describes the team as it comes off a 28-12 loss to the Rams.

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The description isn’t all too surprising given the abundant use of the word ‘brotherhood’ among he and his teammates. And while Pete Carroll’s Seahawks have always reflected a connection beyond just the team, there’s something about the 2019 squad that might transcend the very word.

Whether it be an everyday phone call between Lockett and fellow receiver David Moore while both battling the flu or picking each other up after a loss or something else, this team has a special kinship.

“We fight for each other every single day,” Lockett says. “Sometimes people like to talk about us, especially the fantasy football people. At the end of the day, we just stick together.”

Perhaps that’s why he remains so confident in the team despite coming off their worst loss of the season. In fact, he thinks it just might help.

“I think sometimes it’s a good thing to lose. Everybody wants to win, of course. You never know, some people might’ve felt on top of the world. Some people might’ve felt unbeatable,” he explains, echoing comments Seahawks cornerback Shaquill Griffin had after the game.

“Sometimes you need a game to not go your way so you can be able to see, ‘Oh, we don’t have it like we think we have it. Oh, we gotta focus on the little things. Oh, we gotta get it together on offense,’ or ‘Oh, we gotta finish on defense.’ For us, I think it’s gonna work out in our favor.”

The Seahawks still control their own destiny, in position to take first place in the NFC West if they win out. Lockett is more focused on the opportunity that lies ahead than Sunday’s loss.

“We’re in a great position, but also, we just lost to a great team. We put ourselves in a hole early on, but it’s just something we can just learn from and move on,” he says. “We’re still in the process of being able to achieve all the things that we want to achieve. All we gotta do is just stay true to us, continue to put ourselves in a great place and we’ll be just fine.”

So why, on a Monday night in the midst of the season, does Tyler find himself at the Pro Shop at CenturyLink Field? A new line of New Era hats that have much more to do with fashion. While he’s proud of the sleek black designs with rave green accents as well as the white headgear for his teammates that like to look ‘flashy’, there’s more to it.

“I put note-to-selfs on them because I like to reflect, look back on my life and think about the little things that matter the most,” he says. “To me, self-talk is better than any talk that you can ever have.”

Fittingly for a Seahawk, 12% of all proceeds from Lockett’s line will go to his “Light it Up” foundation, which benefits homelessness, youth and the underprivileged.

Lockett’s passion extends in numerous directions, and right now, that which he has for his team as they get back to work is clear, coming off a loss or not.

“Even when you do lose, just the fact that you have a team that doesn’t give in and is gonna fight until there’s no more time on the clock – that’s something that’s very special,” Tyler says. “That’s the type of team that we have. We’re gonna keep trying and we’re gonna keep fighting. I think that says a lot and makes a statement for the type of team that we have.”

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