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Mariners powder blue jersey
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Mariners to don powder blue jersey, new cap for Spring Training

(Seattle Mariners courtesy photo)

The Seattle Mariners released plans Thursday to sport a new jersey and cap for Spring Training 2019, breaking out powder blue for the first time since the 1980s.

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The new jersey will include the same lettering as their current ones paired with the retro coloring. The new caps will feature a simple “M” over the classic compass rose.

The caps will also be worn during batting practice during the regular season, eschewing the inverted trident logo that has frequently been associated with bad luck.

“Being a baseball guy and you get so into routine, the superstition becomes part of it,” manager Scott Servais said last year, regarding a possible move to get rid of the trident. “When you get a hot streak going, you’re wearing the same socks all the time and eating at the same restaurants. When you have a bad streak going you look to what you need to change up. This might be one of those things we need to change up.”

Rather than wear the 2018 spring training/batting practice hat with a trident logo during BP last season, the Mariners instead wore their regular game caps in batting practice.

This marks the first new design for a Mariners cap since a gold “S” was unveiled for Sunday home games in 2015.

The new jersey and cap will both be available at Mariners team stores.

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