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Seahawks Carlos Dunlap
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Seahawks trade reaction: A close look at 2-time Pro Bowl DE Carlos Dunlap

Seahawks acquisition Carlos Dunlap has 82.5 sacks in his 11-year career. (Getty)

The Seahawks have a two-time Pro Bowl defensive end on his way to join their pass rush in Carlos Dunlap, who the Cincinnati Bengals confirmed Wednesday afternoon they have traded to Seattle for offensive lineman B.J. Finney and a seventh-round pick.

Seahawks trade for two-time Pro Bowler Carlos Dunlap

What stands out about Dunlap, who has made it no secret that he was unhappy in a diminished role with the Bengals, and the deal? The voices of 710 ESPN Seattle have been breaking down the trade all day, and we’ve got a look at what they’ve been saying.

Jake Heaps – Tom, Jake and Stacy

Quotes from a conversation with John Clayton on 710 ESPN Seattle.

“My first reaction to the trade is: ‘Fantastic.’ You just look at the trade overall, very low risk in giving away B.J. Finney, very low risk in giving up a seventh-round pick for a player in Carlos Dunlap who has the ability to really change things on the defensive line for the Seahawks. Now I’m not going to over-hype Carlos Dunlap and say that this is going to solve all of the pass-rushing problems and that Carlos Dunlap is an All-Pro at this point in his career, but I will say that this guy has been extremely productive, he’s been extremely consistent in his career.

“… When I go back and watch the film, Carlos Dunlap provides you a lot of unique skills. This year in particular, he looked like a guy who was disgruntled as he played on the field. The one thing that I hope… is that when Carlos Dunlap gets here, he’s able to leave all of that negativity behind him and that he is more than enthusiastic to show up here in Seattle and to help this team go and try to win a Super Bowl, because if they get a motivated Carlos Dunlap the way that I think that he will be, this could be a big move for them.”

For more, listen to this podcast from Wednesday’s show with John Clayton.

For a more in-depth take from Heaps on what Dunlap brings to the Seahawks, click here.

Dave Wyman – Bob, Dave and Moore

Quotes from a conversation with John Clayton on 710 ESPN Seattle.

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. They’re in on everything. … He had three huge plays against the Seahawks last year in Cincinnati. … The big question is, does he fix the problem? … Is he Bruce Irvin? No. But can he rush off that edge from that (LEO) position? Sure. Yeah, let’s put him out there, let’s see. He’s just a good football player.”

For more, listen to this podcast from Wednesday’s show with John Clayton.

Danny O’Neil – Danny and Gallant

“This is the second in-season trade that the Bengals have made going back to the 1980s. The only other time Cincinnati’s traded another player in-season in the past 30 years was when Carson Palmer was dealt to the Raiders (in 2011), and at that time Palmer wasn’t even playing for them. He was retired at that point in time. This is not how Cincinnati does business. … Now if Dunlap was that devastating of a player or that good of a player, Cincinnati probably would have been able to get more for him on the open market. It’s not like Seattle was the only team they were talking to. But getting a player who has had between seven and 10 sacks for the past seven seasons, this is a significant upgrade.

“… (NBC play-by-play announcer) Al Michaels said in the third quarter of Sunday’s game that, hey, if the Seahawks don’t make the Super Bowl this year, it’s going to be because they don’t get pass pressure. Well, they just went out and traded for a veteran.”

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Paul Gallant – Danny and Gallant

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