What you need to know: Attorney explains Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar’s case

May 18, 2020, 1:30 PM

Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar...

Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar is charged with four counts of armed robbery. (Getty)


Michael Grieco, attorney for Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar, was interviewed Monday morning by 710 ESPN Seattle’s John Clayton, detailing his client’s case as it pertains to an alleged armed robbery last week in Florida.

Seahawks’ Dunbar, Giants’ Baker released on bond Sunday

For a quick breakdown of what Grieco said and the full interview in podcast form, click here. Below, we detail what you need to know about the case and take a closer look at several of the points Grieco made in the interview.

The case

Warrants were issued by the Miramar Police Department on Thursday for Dunbar and New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker, with Dunbar charged with four felony counts of armed robbery and Baker charged with four counts armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault. Both turned themselves in Saturday and were released on bond Sunday ($100,000 for Dunbar, $200,000 for Baker).

According to the warrant, Baker and Dunbar were attending a cookout Wednesday night where Baker pulled out a handgun. Witnesses told investigators that Baker, Dunbar and two other men began robbing people of thousands of dollars, watches and other valuables. Reports have surfaced stating that the men had lost roughly $70,000 in high-stakes gambling earlier in the week.

On Friday, Grieco said he had letters from the alleged victims proving Dunbar’s innocence.

Grieco says Dunbar wasn’t involved “directly or indirectly”

Grieco says he has sworn affidavits from five individuals – four victims from the police report and a fifth witness – that clear the name of Dunbar, who was acquired by the Seahawks in a trade in March.

“With these five individuals, one of them had always consistently said that what the other four said was not accurate, so … the same statement (he gave) to the police is the same statement he gave me,” Grieco said. “The other four individuals, they’ve come around and they’re telling the truth now. They told it to myself that this didn’t happen and we’re hoping that the state attorney’s office down here does the right thing.”

Grieco said Dunbar “did not do anything illegal” and that if the alleged armed robbery did happen, he wasn’t present.

“He didn’t participate in any robbery, anything along those lines, and I know he left,” Grieco said. “… I can tell you that he didn’t see anything when it came to what they’re alleging. I can’t speak to whether or not something happened inside the house. I can tell you Mr. Dunbar wasn’t there at the time, if it occurred at all, and he left.”

Dunbar’s relationship with Baker “mischaracterized”

Not only did Grieco say Dunbar wasn’t present at the alleged armed robbery, he also said the 27-year-old Dunbar did not lose money in high-stakes gambling with the 22-year-old Baker earlier in the week as has been reported and that the two NFL defensive backs are not particularly close.

“Completely untrue, at least as it applies to Mr. Dunbar,” Grieco said when asked about the gambling allegations. “Mr. Dunbar was not with Mr. Baker at any point within the week or weeks prior. I think that there’s been a complete mischaracterization as to the nature of their relationship, which is not as close as it’s been portrayed, at least initially. I can tell you they have their wires crossed on that one. I’ve already advised law enforcement that they’re completely mistaken on that.”

Stresses not rushing to judgment

Grieco explained why he found it important to get Dunbar’s side of the story out in public after the warrant was issued and reported on.

“When it comes to pro athletes, this is a very unique circumstance because the charges, they’ll make your eyes bug out. You read (about) millionaire athletes allegedly committing some sort of armed robbery, that’ll definitely get your attention even if you’re not a sports fan,” he said. “… To quote something I saw on TV recently, it doesn’t matter how thin you make a pancake, there’s always two sides to it. This is a situation where people just read things, they don’t even read the article, they just read the headline, and that’s what resonates with them.

“It was very important for us to get the word out – I have those media relationships – to make sure that people know this is an innocent man. Anybody can point a finger and allege something but soon as you kinda pull back the cover of the book, maybe it’s not exactly what you think it is. I don’t want people rushing to judgment as to either of the individuals, but specifically as to Quinton, he’s going to walk away from this exonerated.”

Where things stand for Quinton Dunbar right now

Grieco said Dunbar was out of jail in time for dinner Sunday after turning himself in the day before and said the judge “saw it our way” in setting bond at $100,000 for Dunbar, who according to Grieco has no prior criminal history.

“He’s great. I’ve talked to him at least two or three times already today. … He’s doing fine,” Grieco said about Dunbar. “Especially during a pandemic, nobody wants to be stuck sitting in jail for a day, especially for something that you know that you had nothing to do with, but we’re happy that the judge saw it our way and just granted him the state monetary bond, no other restrictions.”

Grieco said he’s serving as a conduit between Dunbar and the Seahawks, and if Dunbar was needed for something in Seattle, he could make it possible for Dunbar to travel.

“Right now he technically can’t leave the state, but who’s leaving the state right now? And if he needs to go to Washington for anything, then I can get him permission in pretty quick time.”

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What you need to know: Attorney explains Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar’s case