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Seahawks WR Josh Gordon
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Clayton: Seahawks’ cap is in great shape, but they still have these 4 needs

The Seahawks could have room for a Josh Gordon return in 2020. (Getty)

Cap-wise, the Seahawks are in excellent shape, but they can’t afford going on a spending spree.

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A spending spree isn’t needed, either. The Seahawks been very accurate and smart about what they’ve done in free agency. They added five offensive linemen, two defensive ends, tight end Greg Olsen and acquired cornerback Quinton Dunbar in a trade. The most expensive defensive signing was Bruce Irvin at $5.5 million a year. All the other deals are smart and have been budgeted well.

The Seahawks have $15.993 million of cap room, and they still have some needs. They’ve let the door open for a Jadeveon Clowney return, but most think Clowney won’t be back. If he does return, the Seahawks will have to release players or restructure contracts.

General manager John Schneider has a little less than $8 million tied up in the rookie pool. He also wants to save some money in case there are good players to add after the start of training camp or during the regular season.

They also have to see if they want to get contract extensions for Shaquill Griffin, Dunbar and Chris Carson.

But there are current needs that Schneider needs to handle before the offseason ends. Let’s review some of the needs.

Backup quarterback

The simple solution is to re-sign Geno Smith. Undrafted rookie Anthony Gordon is the only other quarterback on the roster. Asking an undrafted rookie to be the backup when there is no real offseason program is a lot.

Smith fit in well last year. He signed for the minimum salary, which obviously works well with the cap. The fact that he hasn’t signed so far indicates he might to have to do another minimum deal.

I’m not sold that a Cam Newton signing would work. He’s the best quarterback on the street and is not only good enough to start, but he’s good enough to win. He has one MVP on his resume. But this is Russell Wilson’s team. A quarterback as good as Newton might take away some of his authority.

Plus, he’s going to be costly, which doesn’t work well against the cap.

Defensive tackle

The Seahawks have a great history of finding veteran run-stopping defensive tackles. They need one to be a top backup. Al Woods was ideal last year in that role, but he signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The perfect fit would be Damon Harrison, but he’s talked about retirement. Another interesting name is Marcel Dareus. Mike Daniels is available, but he wouldn’t fit the need as much as the other two.


If Carson is ready at the start of camp and the regular season, the Seahawks are at fine at running back, but it wouldn’t hurt to sign a veteran at the right price.

Carlos Hyde would be a nice, low-cost signing. The Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles have shown interest. Devonta Freeman is another option, but he would be more expensive. Marshawn Lynch said the Seahawks have been talking to his agent, so he is an option.

Wide receiver

This isn’t a big need and the Seahawks could go into the season with the group they currently have. One interesting addition could be Josh Gordon. Gordon is on suspension and there is no timetable to determine when or if the suspension will be lifted.

The league is moving slow on reinstating Gordon, Randy Gregory and Aldon Smith. With the league working on plans for the regular season and the offseason, it may take some time before they get to these suspended players.

Gordon liked it in Seattle last year and the Seahawks liked him. He could be a bonus addition to compete for the third receiver job.

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