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Seahawks’ Michael Dickson on his growing arsenal of punts

Punter Michael Dickson was one of three Seahawks at the 2019 Pro Bowl. (AP)

Seahawks fan-favorite Michael Dickson says he likes to have fun during games – so much so that, sometimes, he’s not quite sure what’s happening on the field.

Michael Dickson had to teach his parents what a safety is after fake punt

This is the point in the interview when host Mike Salk asks whether Dickson doesn’t know what’s going on because it’s hard to follow the game from the sideline, or whether it’s because the 23-year-old Australian punter still isn’t entirely sure how all the rules of American football work.

“Uh… a bit of both,” Dickson admits.

It would be a mistake to assume that means Dickson isn’t passionate about the sport, nor serious about his play. His quick ascension to the NFL makes that evident enough.

Dickson, who didn’t punt an American football until January 2015, won the Ray Guy Award as the best punter in college football during the 2017 season, was named the MVP of the Texas Bowl, and was one of the Seahawks’ two Pro Bowlers in 2018 (the other being middle linebacker Bobby Wagner).

Dickson joined Salk and Brock Huard on 710 ESPN Seattle to talk about his offseason, his growing arsenal of punts, and new Seahawks kicker Jason Myers.

The second-year Seahawk was second in the NFL in average yards per punt last year, behind only Arizona’s Andy Lee (whose 48.6 average set a new single-season franchise record for the Cardinals). Dickson can easily name his favorite punt — a 69-yard bomb against Denver in Week 1 of 2018 — and says a successful punt becomes obvious immediately.

“It feels like almost nothing has hit your foot,” Dickson said. “It’s like a golf swing; you don’t even feel it, and then you look up and you see it spiraling high up in the air, and it’s a great feeling.”

Dickson also offered some assurance on new Seahawks kicker Jason Myers, who became Seattle’s third kicker in as many years in March.

“He’s a great kicker,” Dickson said. “He’s got a very, very big leg. He makes field goals from very far back at practice and does it with ease. He’s very sound with his form. He’s going to have a great year.”

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