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New Sounders part-owners Russell Wilson and Ciara show they’ve made Seattle their home

“Holy… it’s really you.”

That’s an appropriate response to finding out one isn’t getting pranked and is indeed talking to Seattle’s $140 million quarterback – Russell Wilson. That’s also exactly what crossed the mind of Sounders owner, Terry Myerson, when he took the call.

Russell Wilson, Macklemore, more join Sounders ownership group

“I was on vacation with my family and an email came in from Russell,” Myerson said. “It was surreal.”

Surreal met reality Monday as the Sounders introduced new members of their ownership group at Yesler Park – a park funded by the soccer team’s RAVE Foundation and built last year. Those members were Russell Wilson, Ciara and Macklemore.

If you don’t recognize those names – WELCOME TO SEATTLE.

In the wake of film executive Joe Roth’s departure from the ownership group, the three superstars joined Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and majority owner Adrian Hanauer, who increased his ownership stake.

Seattle is no stranger to sports ownership skepticism, and the importance of keeping it local isn’t lost on Terry Myserson.

“I think as a community here in Seattle, we’ve adopted Ciara and Russell.”

While Wilson and Ciara didn’t grow up in the Pacific Northwest, they’ve clearly made Seattle their home. Owning a local sports team only grows their roots.

Taking the stage with the power couple, was Seattle’s own Benjamin Hammond Haggerty – AKA the aforementioned Macklemore. The rapper and songwriter stated on stage today, “I am from Seattle, Washington, I grew up just up the street… six minutes away from this park. This is history right here.”

Wilson, through his football career, and Macklemore, through his home, have clear investments in the Seattle community, but Ciara is equally enthusiastic – not just about the city but it’s future as well.

From a stage viewed by a diverse group of children, she implored them to repeat after her: “I believe in me!”

They did.

Ciara continued: “You made a declaration for your whole journey ahead. … I want you guys to really hold onto that. We were all just like you guys growing up, we were little kids with big dreams and we just believed in them.”


Myerson has true appreciation for the star’s connection.

“Ciara has been a big part of it,” he said. “From the first time I met her, she was talking about how sports and music can bring communities together… and she’s so articulate and passionate about it and she wanted to be a sports owner.”

Three independently successful people convened for a community and made it better. In the few hours spent at Yesler Park, children delightedly played. In the months to come, the Sounders will play a bigger part in bringing joy to a larger part of Seattle.

And in the many years to come, Seattle will be better for this partnership and this team.

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