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Wyman: Top-5 defense, better OL will help guide Seahawks to 13-3 record

Dave Wyman thinks the Seahawks will field a top-five defense in 2020. (Getty)

The Seahawks are just days away from kicking off the 2020 season with hopes of improving upon their 11-5 record from 2019 and making it back to the NFC Championship and Super Bowl for the first time since 2014.

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With the season officially beginning on Thursday, many are getting their predictions in for what records teams will have during the 2020 campaign. That includes Jim Moore of 710 ESPN Seattle’s Bob, Dave and Moore, who wrote on that he thinks the Seahawks will go 11-5 again, but be a better football team. Moore’s column got the rest of the Bob, Dave and Moore crew to share their predictions for the upcoming season.

Former NFL linebacker Dave Wyman is very high on the Seahawks heading into their Week 1 matchup with the Atlanta Falcons.

“I have them 13-3. I think they win the division,” Wyman said.

The Seahawks went 3-3 in the NFC West last year and nearly won the division in a Week 17 classic against the San Francisco 49ers, who went on to win the NFC and play in the Super Bowl. But in 2020, Wyman thinks the Seahawks will sweep San Francisco but lose two NFC West games as well as a Week 3 showdown with the Dallas Cowboys in Seattle.

“I think the Rams and Arizona over the years have been a tough matchup for whatever reason and the Seahawks match up well with San Francisco, so I feel like they can beat them a couple of times,” Wyman said. “Last year, I always go back to the one foot where they almost get in and win the NFC West and that drastically changes (the playoffs).”

A big reason Wyman thinks the Seahawks take that big of a step forward? The defense, which Moore predicted will finish as a top-10 unit. Wyman went even further.

“I’m looking at last year’s defense and we all know (the Seahawks were) No. 31 in sacks, No. 27 in passing yards, 22nd in (rushing yards), 22nd in in points, 27th in total yards. I feel like this defense can be in the top five,” he said. “I think they can take that big of a jump. That’s where it really comes from where I would make the prediction of 13-3.”

The offense, led by star quarterback Russell Wilson and an array of weapons at receiver, tight end and running back, should also have another strong showing, Wyman said, and that starts with improvement up front.

“This year, they’re so much better offensively and I think we might be pleasantly surprised by this offensive line,” he said. “Because (left guard Mike Iupati) and (left tackle) Duane Brown are healthy as can be, those two are good, veteran guys. The big thing is going to be with (center Ethan Pocic) and (right guard) Damien Lewis. Probably the best thing about (Lewis) is we’re not even really taking about him. It sounds (like) he’s just solid and a fighter and he’s a battler and he works really hard. And then maybe the second-biggest question mark is at right tackle with (Brandon) Shell.”

Listen to Bob, Dave and Moore make their Seahawks predictions at this link or in the player below.

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