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Drayer: Mariners players use their platform, explain decision to not play

Dee Gordon shed light on the Mariners' decision to not play Wednesday. (Getty)

The Mariners will not just stick to sports, they will use their platform.

Mariners vote to postpone game against Padres in protest

With eight Black players on the active roster and 11 on the 40-man roster, in the wake of the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wis., they joined with the Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers and other pro athletes in deciding to not take the field for their scheduled game.

Shortly after the announcement that the Mariners’ Wednesday night game against the Padres had been postponed, Dee Gordon explained why on social media and made a request.

“There are serious issues in this country. For me, and for many of my teammates, the injustices, violence, death and systemic racism is deeply personal. This is impacting not only my community, but very directly my family and friends. Our team voted unanimously not to play tonight.

“Instead of watching us, we hope people will focus on the things more important than sports that are happening.”

A powerful message in the shifting of the spotlight and request that those who follow this team spend more time focusing on what is impacting so many, including those who take the field each night. Too many times have they just gone out and played. Tonight Gordon asks that we stop and think about the world around us.

Marco Gonzales also posted a personal message later Wednesday night.

Mariners players made the decision as a team. Shortly before batting practice was scheduled to begin, Scott Servais walked across the field to tell Padres manager Jacye Tingler they would not be playing while Gordon, Marco Gonzales and Kyle Seager met with San Diegos Austin Hedges, Tommy Pham and Manny Machado behind home plate.

From Seattle came the show of support from the organization.

The game will be made up but the moment remains. Athletes continue to take a stand against social injustice and are using their platforms to do so. As they use their voices they are reinforcing the importance of sports in our society. It goes well beyond entertainment as these athletes represent so many others. For this group of Mariners, it is not enough to entertain.

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