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Instant Reaction: 710 ESPN Seattle on the Seattle Kraken name

The Seattle Kraken logo. (

After a long, long buildup, we finally know the NHL Seattle team is officially called the Seattle Kraken.

It’s official: The NHL Seattle franchise is called the Seattle Kraken

So, what do we think about it? We asked the voices of 710 ESPN Seattle to share their instant reactions to the name. Let’s get to what they have to say.

Danny O’Neil – Danny and Gallant

Singular names are problematic from a grammatical perspective, but at least the Kraken is an actual entity as opposed to – say – a phenomenon like the Magic or the Heat. I was a firm advocate of the Sockeyes, but will concede that the Kraken is more foreboding and less cartoonish. It’s hard to be tough when you’re a fish that – while delicious – gets eaten by just about everything. I really like the contrast between the deep navy and that orangy red eyeball, which gives off a bit of a medieval vibe.

And, well, it’s clearly the best new name that was coined today, but Washington set the bar pretty low in that regard with the Washington Football Team.

Stacy Rost – Tom, Jake and Stacy

Well, well, well, look who got the name she wanted.

(It’s me. I did.)

I don’t completely understand the hate for the name. Yes, the Kraken is a mythical creature and there’s no immediate tie to Seattle. But I’m sorry, it’s better than the Sockeyes – and if I see one more video of people tossing salmon to each other at Pike Place Market, my head might explode.

I’m going to go back to what I wrote in our 710 ESPN Seattle predictions for the team name: Kraken is fun because it’s different. Who cares if it’s not like a team name you’ve heard before. The jerseys are sweet and the theater the name allows is going to make the stadium experience one of the best in the NHL. Video of lightning and waves and stormy seas? That’s plenty more imposing than a spawning video of salmon that aren’t even the best salmon.

There’s also a chance Seattle’s mascot will be even weirder than Gritty, and I’m here for it.

Shannon Drayer – Mariners insider, 710 ESPN Seattle

I am not sure how I feel about the name Kraken – it kind of sounds like a breakfast cereal to me, but the ‘S’ snake, dragon-thing logo is absolute fire. Sign me up now.

Sign me up. Sign. Symbol. Hmm. Maybe they could have done something really bold and eschewed the name and just gone with the logo. It’s that good. They could have been the Prince of the NHL.

Whatever the name, what an exciting time to be a Seattle sports fan as we get to witness the birth of a franchise. Enjoy!

Jim Moore – Bob, Dave and Moore

I can’t believe they actually did it, but I’m glad they did. The Seattle Kraken! How awesome is that?

I don’t even know what Kraken is or where it comes from or anything about it,  but I love it anyway. No other team in any other sport, professional or college, has that nickname. Whenever anyone mentions the Kraken from this day forward, everyone will know it refers to the NHL team in Seattle.

Sockeyes would have been lame. Not a tough enough fish. Kraken is mysteriously terrific, and I also love that the NHL team is jumping all over that aspect too.

Have you seen the logo? Off-the-charts fantastic, an ‘S’ with a tentacle and a red eye. Have you read what they wrote about the logo?

“The eye of the Kraken has been affixed on its prey for some time. Its strike will be swift and devastating. Its opposition overwhelmed and unwary. It will be all over soon…

“A single tentacle stealthily rises from below, symbolizing the deep, dark waters of Puget Sound. How many are there? How deep do they go? The real peril lies in what they don’t see.”

Give those writers a standing ovation for that. Now find a deep-voice guy to say all of that stuff in promotional ads.

How about the jerseys? So good they get three thumbs up from me. Three shades of blue, tinges of red, anchors on the shoulders, just outstanding.

When Albert Breer, the NFL writer for Monday Morning Quarterback, heard that the NFL club will be temporarily named the Washington Football Team, he tweeted that “It’s better than the Kraken.” No it isn’t, not even close. Loosen up Albert, baby. I literally got goosebumps when they unleashed the Kraken this morning, and I’m not even a hockey fan. But I plan to be one now.

Lydia Cruz – The Blitz at 6

Back in late 2016, I watched the Las Vegas expansion team name reveal with rapt attention. One mention of “Golden Knights” and that fascination devolved into confusion and an overwhelming sense of feeling underwhelmed. Other than a huge nod to the Excalibur hotel, was there a local tie? The team colors were even more puzzling: steel grey, black, red and some dusty, aged version of gold. The city with the brightest lights managed to pick the most somber color scheme.

One Stanley Cup Finals appearance later, I couldn’t imagine the Golden Knights with another moniker. HOW COULD THEY BE NAMED ANYTHING ELSE?

If Seattle Kraken wasn’t your No. 1 draft pick, give it time friends. Identity is still a victory. The team is no longer nameless, and now we can begin to build our culture, our fandom and our traditions. Now please excuse me, I gotta go buy several new hockey sweaters – not jerseys, don’t @ me.

Curtis Rogers – John Clayton on 710 ESPN Seattle producer

Too often Seattleites are described as passive-aggressive who would rather shy away from any kind of attention altogether. We’re largely not brash or loud people and that’s why I love the Seattle Kraken name so much. You can’t help but have an opinion on it whether you like the name or not. It’s already the most in-your-face name in the NHL and it sends a message to fans and other teams that Seattle won’t cower when moments present themselves.

I gotta be honest, in the years of debating what the name should be, I never understood the thought process behind those who supported Sockeyes or Steelheads or any other “safe” name. This is the newest franchise in the four major American sports we’re talking about. Carve your own path of destruction and make your presence known.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a new hat to go purchase.

Maura Dooley – Bob, Dave and Moore producer

I have to be honest, I think I was going to be excited for any name because it just feels one step closer to actual hockey in Seattle. I love the name and how they tied everything together though! I really like the subtlety of just having “the eye of the beast” (as it’s described on the website) in the center of the ‘S’ on the logo, and the colors are different while still blending well with the existing teams here in Seattle. The secondary logo of the anchor with the Space Needle at the top is awesome and is the talk of Twitter right now. I can’t wait to see what kind of pregame ritual develops to “release the Kraken” but most of all I can’t wait for hockey!

The Groz – Host emeritus, 10:45 every day with John Clayton

Well I would have gone with Steelheads but you can’t go wrong listening to the fans. The logo is great, especially the Space Needle anchor. I’m sure it will grow on me.

Paul Gallant – Danny and Gallant

I can see it already.

Climate Pledge Arena goes dark. A montage of shipwrecks and body checks flashes across the screen, until Zeus – played by Liam Neeson in 2010’s “Clash of the Titans” – makes an ominous order.

“Release The Kraken!”

And Seattle’s newest franchise swarms on to the ice.

I like the nickname. I don’t love it. I’d have preferred the Orcas (the Canucks, who ripped off the Canadiens’ nickname, do not have the right to the ocean’s most fearsome predators too) or Sasquatch. I’d also developed an affinity for the Sirens, another mythological sea creature that lured boats into shipwrecks, in the last 24 hours. But I’ll take anything over some pathetic fish (the Sockeyes) that would get destroyed even by non-fearsome mascots like Penguins or Ducks.

The logos and sweater are the best part of Seattle’s new franchise. A classic ‘S’ with a tentacle and “the eye of the best” tucked into the top. A secondary logo that’s half-anchor, half-Space Needle. And amusing new colors – deep sea blue, ice blue, boundless blue, shadow blue, and red alert – splashed all over a sharp-looking sweater. I will definitely spend way too much money on their gear. The nickname gets a B, and the look an A.

Tom Wassell – Tom, Jake and Stacy

I don’t like this name at all. It’s not cool now, and it definitely won’t be in five years when the team decides to change it. The uniforms are pretty slick though.

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