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Seahawks Josh Gordon
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Clayton: Latest on Gordon, Dunbar and more as Seahawks head into camp

Wide receiver Josh Gordon could be on the verge of returning to the Seahawks. (Getty)

Even though it was a last-minute rush to settle how NFL teams including the Seahawks were going to start training camp, things came together on Sunday and Monday.

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The NFLPA signed off on the training camp protocols. Players got no preseason games. They have a two-week period in which they will be tested daily for COVID-19. If the percentage of positive tests is below five percent, then the tests would be administered every other day.

Players wanted a 21-day period to get their bodies in shape with running, lifting and conditioning. They got 19. It won’t be until Aug. 16 that players will be in pads. Rookies started to report around the league Monday and Tuesday. Quarterbacks and injured players report on Thursday.

With a large number of players reporting this week, it’s creating a lot of news. Let’s outline the activity.

• As of last Friday, only 93 of the 255 draft choices around the league had signed contracts. With rookies reporting this week, deals are getting done quickly. Plus, it helps that they can get physicals with team doctors so the contracts can be reported to the league. By the end of the week, the Seahawks and the rest of the league should have all of their draft choices signed.

• Some of the older players who are unsigned are starting to retire. Michael Bennett, Antonio Brown and safety Reshad Jones all either made retirement announcements or indicated they aren’t playing this year. This could be the start of a trend of players in their 30s not wanting to risk getting the virus or bringing the virus to their families in addition to the usual concerns of suffering a serious injury. You can understand that if they would have to play on a contract that is close to the minimum salary that it might not be worth their while.

• So much for the Antonio Brown-to-Seattle rumors. Russell Wilson was pushing for the Seahawks to sign him. The Seahawks listened and kept in touch with Brown. Figuring that it wasn’t going to work for whatever reason, Brown made his third retirement announcement in the past year. Sure, he can change his mind, but he also knows he could be under suspension for his double assault charge on a delivery truck driver.

• The Seahawks should be finding out something in the next week or two about wide receiver Josh Gordon, who has applied for reinstatement following last year’s suspension. If he is cleared, the Seahawks will try to sign him.

• Cornerback Quinton Dunbar was cleared to fly to Seattle for the start of camp by the court in which he faces four robbery charges. There is no word from the NFL on whether he will be suspended or go on the exempt list; it appears he should be able to play. Because of COVID-19, there hasn’t been a trial in Miami-Dade County since March and there might not be any trials for the rest of the year. It could take two years before Dunbar goes to trial. He was one of the Seahawks’ best acquisitions and will make this a better defense if he’s able to play.

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