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Yes, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson threw a shoe — but let him explain

Russell Wilson has confirmed that he did in fact throw a shoe last Sunday. (AP)

The Seahawks beat the 49ers 43-16 last Sunday, but the question people had the next day had nothing to do with how either team played on the field. It was whether or not Russell Wilson, four-time Pro Bowl quarterback… threw a shoe.

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San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the third quarter, and he revealed afterwards the reason why he lost his cool was because 49ers linebacker Fred Warner lost his shoe and Wilson threw it, leading to an offsides call on the Niners.

Yes, we are seriously talking about a shoe here. And while there is no video evidence of the incident in question, it turns out that Wilson did in fact throw the shoe, which he admitted to Thursday while a guest on 710 ESPN Seattle’s The Huddle.

We should allow him to explain further, however.

“The shoe was sitting there, I didn’t know if it was (one of) our guys’ shoes, I didn’t know what had happened,” Wilson told Bob Stelton, Dave Wyman and Tom Wassell. “We were going no-huddle and we were moving pretty quick, so the problem was the shoe was pretty much right where I was gonna snap it. I was like, ‘Anybody’s shoe?’ and then I just tossed it. … Time to go, clock’s running – the ref’s not gonna wait for that.”

Pretty good excuse, Russ. Not that he necessarily needed one.

“Well those guys are always trying to hit me,” he joked.

You can hear the full interview, which also includes Wilson’s thoughts on why this year’s team reminds him of his rookie year in 2012, embedded in this post or at this link.

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