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Heaps’ Film Room: Seahawks get Doug Baldwin involved for first TD of 2018

Doug Baldwin had 14 touchdown receptions in 2015, tied for the NFL lead. Then over the next two seasons combined, he caught a total of 15 touchdowns. But in 2018, it’s been a lot harder for him to find the end zone.

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In fact, the veteran Seahawks wide receiver has been slowed by knee injuries and didn’t get his first TD until last week on a 6-yard pass from Russell Wilson against the Packers.

That particular play goes under the microscope in this week’s Seahawks edition of Jake Heaps’ Film Room. In the attached video, the former Seahawks quarterback shows how Baldwin is still dangerous in red zone situations and was able to create enough separation for Wilson to get him the ball for a touchdown Seattle absolutely needed to have in their 27-24 win.

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