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Bobby Wagner on Seahawks’ doubters: ‘It’s going to be fun when we prove them wrong’

Bobby Wagner is one of the last remaining members of the Seahawks' Super Bowl XLVIII roster. (AP)

Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner joined Brock and Salk on 710 ESPN Seattle Tuesday to talk about Seattle’s running back group, dealing with holdouts, and how he feels about low expectations from critics.

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Here are a few highlights:

On reuniting with his former linebackers coach Ken Norton Jr. (now the Seahawks’ defensive coordinator): “I definitely feel like he’s grown a lot. When he came back, we kind of both said to each other, I think I said, ‘Don’t treat me like no rookie,'” Wagner said with a laugh. “And he’s definitely had a lot of experience down in Oakland. But I’m excited for this opportunity. It’s full circle… I think there’s still a level that I can reach that I haven’t, and I feel like there’s a level that Coach Norton wants to reach, and I think it would be a dream come true if we can do that together.”

Are you getting a feel for these running backs?: “Chris Carson is definitely a guy that pops out. I’ve been saying it since OTAs: he just looks different, he just looks different than everybody else. I’m excited for him to get his opportunity. We saw a little bit of him last year, but unfortunately he got a nasty injury. So I’m excited to see him over 16 games.”

Of the running backs Wagner has faced, which player does Carson most resemble? “I don’t know if I’ve watched enough of him to kind of compare him, but he definitely has kind of an Adrian Peterson-type feel; the way he kind of moves and the way he’s built and things of that nature. But I definitely feel like he has to do a little bit more on the field.”

On rookie running back Rashaad Penny: “Penny’s looking good. I think he’s picking up everything really well. Obviously when he comes out of the backfield and runs routes, he runs very good routes. But again, I’m excited to see him in a game. I think people move differently and approach things differently when they’re in a game.”

What’s it like not having Earl Thomas here? Why your comment earlier? “Obviously it’s tough. He’s a great player, a great person to have on the field. But I think during OTAs was a time for that, which is why I said it. But in minicamp we’re so close to season and we have to focus on who’s here. And I feel we’ve kind of been thorugh it; the situation with Kam is kind of a little similar. And I felt like we focused too much on him not being here. And so this go around, that’s not my intention… obviously (Thomas) knows my support, we want him here, we want everything to work out. But there’s a business side to that, that the guys on the field have no control over that. So we’re just focusing on the people that are here, and he knows he has our support”

Did this team learn something going through games while Kam Chancellor was in his holdout? “I definitely feel like you can learn from it. At that time we were still relatively young… that was one element that we hadn’t experienced. Maybe a little bit with Marshawn but not to that magnitude. I think we definitely learned from it. And I don’t know if it’s something that we talk about right now, because I think a lot of guys are focused on learning the playbook and making their plays and making the team and making sure they’re on this team so they can provide for their family. But I definitely feel like it could be something that needs to be addressed when the regular season comes, just to know that we’ve got to focus on who’s here and make sure we don’t repeat what happened last time.”

Do you feel the doubt about this season from media outlets? “Not really. I can’t sit here and say there’s anything we haven’t been through. When I first got here, they didn’t think we were going to be good. And when we were good they didn’t think we were going to be good that long. So they’re always going to have their opinion. Like I said before, I think they doubt the talent that we have in this room. And there’s guys that have been here, like myself, that are are ready to elevate (their game) to another level, which I plan on doing. And it’s going to be fun, especially seeing their faces, when we prove them wrong.”