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Tom Cable answers how involved he is when Seahawks add O-linemen

Is Seahawks' O-line coach Tom Cable on the hot seat or facing a promotion? (AP)
LISTEN: Tom Cable on the shape of the Seahawks on the offensive line

In Tom Cable’s time as the Seahawks’ offensive-line coach, the team has earned a reputation for going the cheap route when it comes to building a line. As a result, Cable has dealt with the misconception that he’s typically doesn’t have much say in the players the team signs that he has to coach. On Friday, he wanted to clear that up.

From the Seahawks’ rookie minicamp in Renton, Cable shared with “Bob, Groz and Tom” just how the team puts together its O-line, and it’s much more of a group effort than maybe would have thought.

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“We all do this together. That’s the cool thing here, man. We get to all have a say and be part of it,” Cable said. “No one comes down and says ‘OK, hey, we just signed so and so. Get him right.’ We all take a plan, and we started out with who is gonna be the UFAs, the free agents, and it was look at them all, evaluate them all, grade them all, do our homework on everyone. Then go back and do the research (on) when they came out – what were the positives, negatives then? Have they changed? Have they matured now that they’re free agents and have been in the league for a while? Are there injury issues?

“Then we sit down and we say, ‘Here’s how I see it,’ ‘Here’s how I see it’ … ‘OK, this guy fits.'”

Cable added it was that exact process that led Seattle to sign both Luke Joeckel and Oday Aboushi as free agents this offseason.

That being said, Cable said there is some truth to how some have perceived what his job has been – and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“My reputation has always been to take a young group, take the free agent, take the guy to cross over from D-line to O-line, whatever – that’s what teachers do, that’s what developers do. I kind of have a lot of pride in doing that,” he said.

You can hear Cable’s full interview, including his thoughts on the team’s newest linemen, embedded above or at this link.