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Marshawn Lynch sword fights, joins bagpipe band for Skittles commercial in Scotland

Marshawn Lynch is thinking "Raiders or bust," according to Seahawks insider Gee Scott. (AP)

Remember when Marshawn Lynch had an aversion to speaking on camera? Those days are long gone. Like, “ridiculous o’clock” long ago.

The reason behind Lynch’s daredevil-ish wheelies in Scotland makes a bit more sense with the release of a new Skittles commercial that shows the hilarious misadventures of the former Seahawks running back.

The premise of the roughly three-minute long video is that, with all eyes on Houston, Texas for Super Bowl LI, Lynch brought Skittles to the other Houston – in Scotland. During his trip, he encounters his first (jaw-droppingly old) castle, considers the merits of adding the kilt styling to his Beast Mode apparel brand and gets into a sword fight with some “warriors” who came from the “I don’t know if you call them woods.” Oh, and some nice slow-motion smooth jamming on the bagpipes.

In other words, it’s classic Marshawn.