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Seahawks’ DeShawn Shead fine with being picked on by QBs

DeShawn Shead said he was not worried after being picked by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. (AP)
LISTEN: Seahawks cornerback DeShawn Shead on his improvement this season

The Seahawks had a short week between their matchup in Green Bay with the Packers and the team’s home game against the Rams last Thursday. That also meant little time to rehab any ailments, and for cornerback DeShawn Shead that includes wrapping his index finger, which has seen plenty of Dikembe Mutumbo-style wagging when he makes a play.

“Sometimes my finger gets a workout as well, so you got to recover that, too,” Shead said on “The Huddle” Wednesday.

It’s not just his finger that gets a workout. Shead worked to drop 10 pounds this offseason, which he did in preparation of moving from his Swiss-Army Knife type role in Seattle’s secondary to a fixture at cornerback opposite Richard Sherman.

Shead said he feels like he is playing well this season, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t taken some lumps, including in Green Bay when quarterback Aaron Rodgers continually attacked his side. Shead was asked what he tells himself when it becomes apparent that the quarterback plans to pick on him.

“Let’s go and just try to stay true to technique …” he said. “They’re going to get their catches sometimes but my whole thing is if they catch the ball, do everything I can to get the ball out or make the tackle so they don’t get no more yards. That was the whole goal when they start to come at you and it’s an opportunity to try to take the ball away as well.”

Shead said he tries to find at least little improvements every week in various aspects of his game, including with his technique, getting hands on the ball, tackling, coverage and communication. He also stands by the team’s philosophy that nobody plays the perfect game and that the key is not to make the same mistake twice.

“You make the mistake and you fix that mistake and try to mess up something new,” he said.