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Leroy Hill won’t face felony charge for January arrest

By Danny O’Neil

Linebacker Leroy Hill will not face a felony charge in King County for his January arrest on suspicion of domestic violence in Issaquah.

The King County Prosecutors Office decided the case against Hill was insufficient for a felony charge, a spokesman for the department said Wednesday. Hill may still face a misdemeanor charge, though, as the case has been referred to the Issaquah prosecuting attorney.

Leroy Hill

That’s the same office that charged Hill with fourth-degree assault/domestic violence following an April 2010 arrest. The alleged victim in that case stopped cooperating with the prosecutor, and Hill eventually agreed to stipulated order of continuance that called for the charge to be dismissed if he complied with the court’s terms for 18 months. Hill completed that term without incident, and the case was dismissed without a conviction.

Hill was arrested on Jan. 29 after officers were summoned to his Issaquah home by a woman who identified herself to police as Hill’s live-in girlfriend. She alleged Hill assaulted her, took her cell phone and held her against her will. She was taken to Swedish hospital, treated and released, according to a police statement. Police staked out Hill’s home and later arrested him nearby. He was released later that week without being charged.

Hill, 30, was a third-round pick by the Seahawks in 2005, but he is currently un-signed. He has played on a one-year contract each of the past two seasons. The Seahawks have not indicated they are interested in bringing him back.

Hill and cornerback Marcus Trufant were the only two players on last year’s team who were also part of Seattle’s Super Bowl team in 2005. Trufant’s departure became official Tuesday when he signed with Jacksonville.