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Share Your Mariners Memories

While we’re all waiting for America’s National Pastime to return, we’ve enjoyed bringing you our Mariners Classic Games every night at 7:00 p.m.
Now our Mariners Insider Shannon Drayer would like to hear about your classics. What memorable moment have you had at the ballpark, listening in the car, or perhaps are making right now?

Below are two ways, and don’t forget Shannon Drayer has been busy checking in with Mariners players and team officials. Find the latest in posts, podcasts and videos on

Participate in our poll and tell us which classic game you remember most, and WHY. Or submit a game that’s not on the list!

Share a Mariners memory through our photo gallery! Can be from any game, anywhere, any year. We know you’re sitting around the radio and missing those late nights in the ‘Pen, reminiscing about that foul ball you caught or that game with Grandpa, and wishing you were eating nachos in Edgar’s Cantina. Share a photo of a Memorable Mariners moment below, and don’t forget to include a caption!