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Why MLB Network’s 1995 Mariners documentary is must-see for M’s fans

The Seattle Mariners celebrate the team's first playoff series win in October 1995. (Getty)

When you hear something over and over for years on end, you’re bound to get sick of it.

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Just about everybody loves the band Queen, but because of that its songs have become ubiquitous in our culture. As a result, no matter how much you love Queen’s music, it’s hard to not grow tired of hearing classics like “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “We Will Rock You.”

So how does this relate to Seattle sports?

The 1995 Mariners is how.

Everybody loves the 1995 Mariners. Every sports fan in Seattle knows the story of the team, how it stormed back from a seemingly insurmountable deficit to make the postseason for the first time in franchise history, beat the Yankees in the American League Division Series and gain enough momentum along the way to keep the team from moving out of town.

To this day, we still hear about that team – a lot. So much so that you might be sick of hearing about them.

If you feel that way, I have a word of advice for you:

Make sure you watch “MLB Network Presents: The 1995 Mariners, Saving Baseball in Seattle,” which debuts on the MLB Network this Sunday night, July 7 at 7 p.m.

You might think the documentary was made for baseball fans who didn’t watch the ’95 Mariners in person to give them a glimpse at the most important team in the Seattle history, and to an extent you would be right. But it’s also an important reminder for those of us that were along for the ride why it was so special.

You may know the story of the 95 Mariners, but you haven’t heard it told through the eyes of players like Jay Buhner, Mike Blowers, Alex Rodriguez, or the Hall of Fame trio of Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez and Randy Johnson.

You may know that the M’s were down 13 games in the AL West and came back to beat the Angels for the division title, but you haven’t been taken inside that team’s clubhouse during that run.

And you may know that the vote on whether or not to build what would become T-Mobile Park was close, but you haven’t heard how integral a part of that season the vote was (a point hammered home in the movie by people who were there every step of the way, including Dave “The Groz” Grosby, now a host for 710 ESPN Seattle’s Bob, Groz and Tom).

Now let me relate this back to Queen.

If you saw the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” last year and are anything like me, your appreciation for the band was renewed. Suddenly when you heard the songs that before had seemed so pervasive, it was like listening to them with fresh ears. It was a reminder of how truly great Queen was, and how essential their contributions to the music world were.

After seeing “The 1995 Mariners,” I can’t help but feel the same way about the most important team in Seattle baseball history.

“MLB Network Presents: The 1995 Mariners, Saving Baseball in Seattle” debuts at 7 p.m. Sunday on the MLB Network.

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