Baseball symbols, Scouting Intelligence and JC (John Clayton)

May 12, 2009, 10:25 AM | Updated: Apr 4, 2011, 7:51 pm

by Mike Salk

A lot of little things today on the show as the M’s had a much-needed day off to play golf.

Roger Clemens was on with Mike and Mike this morning and made some statements that (not surprisingly) would lead anyone to question his intelligence. That got us wondering about the importance of intelligence in baseball. Is it necessary? Does it help? Is it something that scouts are even looking for? We’ll talk to a Mariners area scout at 12:10 for answers…

-When confronted with this issue, Brock’s reaction was that the intelligence level in the NFL is really high. I tend to agree with him. But he also thinks tha intelligence and education level contributes to the low instances of Performance Enhancing Druge use in the NFL, and that’s wehere we diverge! Open your eyes, Brock!!!

-Giants closer Brian Wilson is ticked off at Dodgers thirdbaseman Casey Blake for immitating a gesture he makes after each save, which he says is a tribute to his late father. In my mind, Wilson called attention to himself and now is open to mimicry. Brock isn’ so sure. What do you think?

John Clayton joins us at 11:25. Mike Holmgren says he might be ready to work again. Does anyone want him? And in what role?

Oh, and producer Colin Paisley is back from the wedding he attended in Mexico. But this is the wedding present he gave to the happy couple!

poolsidepong table

Yes, a floating beer-pong table. It doesn’t look like much, but apparently it has magical qualities. Look at it in action…

poolsidepong tempe12

Something tells me Colin’s week was nothing like this picture. But does anyone think this is a funny wedding present? Just wondering…

By the way, you can find these things here. And yes, Colin’s friends had registered at three stores – none of the registries listed “floating beer pong table.”

Talk to you at 11:00!

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Baseball symbols, Scouting Intelligence and JC (John Clayton)