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Groz: Mariners need results soon because of their competition in Seattle

The Mariners had a .450 winning percentage in the 60-game 2020 season. (Getty)

I enjoyed reading editor Brent Stecker’s well-thought-out piece on the Mariners’ quiet offseason. He makes some good points on the Mariners’ current posture, which appears to be not committing this year to winning. However I disagree with the main contention, and here’s why: You are not operating in a vacuum.

Shannon Drayer looks at where the Mariners’ roster currently stands

The basic premise that it’s too soon to make big moves because your prospects aren’t really established doesn’t account for if 2021 doesn’t go as planned. What if they have a bad year this year? Do you tell your fan base, “Sorry, this crop is no good, but the NEXT group…” and to just be patient for a few more years? That’s a non-starter.

A general manager is also responsible for putting people in the seats. Another 90-plus loss season doesn’t get the job done.

No, the time for results is now.

Speaking of the prospects, we have all seen the Mariners over the years rush prospects with disastrous results for them, but this crop is different. Kyle Lewis and J.P. Crawford both have more then 2,000 minor league and college plate appearances. Evan White has over 1,000.

Losing the 2020 minor league season was especially brutal for the Mariners, but it is what it is. General manager Jerry Dipoto knows the Mariners need to show some progress on the field this season so that it will then start showing in the stands.

One day the Mariners may make a move like the Mets did for Francisco Lindor, but they need to add something now in my opinion – certainly a free agent. You’re not at the point of moving prospects yet, but it’s worth remembering that you build a farm system to have trade capital, as well. Prospects are just that – prospects. They haven’t done anything.

The situation is approaching critical. You are competing for dollars with the wildly successful Seahawks and equally successful Sounders. Roll out a bad season this year while the Kraken emerge with excitement and momentum this fall and you are scrambling for fans and revenue like never before. I say again, the time is now.

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