Dave Grosby

Dave Grosby

Dave Grosby, a nearly 40-year veteran of broadcasting, is host emeritus of 710 ESPN Seattle. Best known as "The Groz," he previously co-hosted the show Bob, Groz and Tom can now be heard throughout the week on the station, including a weekly spot on John Clayton's Saturday show. The Seattle sports media legend has also served as play-by-play announcer for Seattle University basketball. Follow Groz: @Thegroz

Groz’s 2005 Seahawks Rewind: A statement shutout of an NFC power

If there was any doubt something special was happening with the 2005 Seahawks, their 42-0 dismantling of the reigning NFC champs erased it.
5 days ago

Groz’s 2005 Seahawks Rewind: The 12s come alive against the Giants

In a Week 12 clash with the surging Giants, the 12s came alive for the Seahawks, helping force 11 false start penalties by New York.
12 days ago

Groz’s 2005 Seahawks Rewind: Reaching new heights by surviving 49ers

Despite the San Francisco 49ers' 2-8 record, they gave the Seahawks all they had in Week 11 of Seattle's historic 2005 season.
19 days ago

Groz’s 2005 Seahawks Rewind: Surging Seattle leaves Rams in dust

When the Seahawks moved to the NFC West, it was a division dominated by the St. Louis Rams. The Seahawks changed that in 2005.
26 days ago

Groz’s ’05 Seahawks Rewind: Seattle solves its post-bye woes thanks to Alexander

The Seahawks struggled under Mike Holmgren coming off the bye, but in 2005, led by Shaun Alexander, they got the win over Arizona.
1 month ago

Groz: Seattle Kraken will build connection with fans with tough defense

The Seattle Kraken were constructed in a way that puts importance on defense, which is something The Groz says has always been appreciated by Seattle sports fans.
1 month ago

Groz’s ’05 Seahawks Rewind: An unthinkable comeback vs Dallas

In an ugly Week 7 thriller, the 2005 Seahawks came out on top against the Cowboys thanks to a late interception and some long kicks.
2 months ago

Groz’s ’05 Seahawks Rewind: Offense finds its strength — running left

In Week 6 of the 2005 season against the winless Texans, the Seahawks gave a pretty convincing look at what they had become: a beast.
2 months ago

Groz Remembers 2001 Mariners: The magic runs out in the ALCS

The 2001 Mariners made it back to the ALCS for a rematch with the Yankees, but the dreams from their 116-win regular season were dashed.
2 months ago

Groz’s 2005 Seahawks Rewind: Breakthrough vs Rams starts Super Bowl run

The 2005 Seahawks season got through its last crossroads with flying colors in Week 5 as they broke through in St. Louis for the first time.
2 months ago

Groz Remembers the 2001 Mariners: 116-win M’s survive Cleveland in ALDS

The 2001 Mariners may have won 116 games on their way to the top seed in the AL, but Cleveland didn't make it easy for them in the ALDS.
2 months ago

Groz’s 2005 Seahawks Rewind: A comeback falls short as season reaches crossroads

The Seahawks nearly righted the ship in Week 4 of the 2005 season on the road in Washington, but instead found themselves still looking for their first road win.
2 months ago

Groz Remembers 2001 Mariners: ‘The Bone’ Jay Buhner sends out his last HRs

Jay Buhner missed nearly the entire 2001 Mariners season, but he returned just in time to add an exclamation point to the end of his career.
2 months ago

Groz: Why this rough Seahawks start feels different from others

This isn't the first time the Seattle Seahawks have had a slow start to a season under coach Pete Carroll. So why does it feel different?
2 months ago

Groz’s 2005 Seahawks Rewind: Offense solves itself vs NFC West rival

After Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren guaranteed his team would score in the second half at some point in 2005, the offense delivered in Week 3.
2 months ago

Groz Remembers 2001 Mariners: Carlos Guillén takes over at SS after ARod leaves

While Ichiro gave Seattle star power after Alex Rodriguez left the Mariners, it was Carlos Guillen who filled his spot on the field.
2 months ago

Groz’s 2005 Seahawks Rewind: Defense saves the day in Week 2

After a disappointing start to the 2005 season, the Seahawks needed their defense to hold on late against Michael Vick's Falcons in Seattle's home opener.
3 months ago

Groz Remembers 2001 Mariners: Seattle’s special moment after baseball’s post-9/11 return

Shortly after baseball returned following 9/11, the Mariners clinched the division in Seattle. It's what happened after that made for a special moment.
3 months ago

Groz’s 2005 Seahawks Rewind: Surprising start to Super Bowl season

Though the 2005 season had great expectations, the Seahawks for some reason hit the ground stumbling in a Week 1 game in Jacksonville.
3 months ago

Groz on 2001 Mariners: On Sept. 10, M’s were still doing what they did best

On Sept. 10, 2001, the Seattle Mariners were in Anaheim to play the Angels, putting themselves on the cusp of a division title.
3 months ago

Groz Remembers: Celebrating the historic 2005 Seattle Seahawks

The Groz has a new series for 710Sports.com, this time looking back on the 2005 Seahawks, which went to the franchise's first Super Bowl.
3 months ago

Groz Remembers the 2001 Mariners: Hometown hero John Olerud’s big year

The Groz continues his look at the historic 2001 Mariners and this week's reflection centers around hometown star 1B John Olerud.
3 months ago

Groz Remembers the 2001 Mariners: Solid and steady David Bell

David Bell turned out to be the answer the Mariners were looking for at third base in time for their historic 2001 season.
3 months ago

Groz Remembers ’01 Mariners: Mike Cameron pulls off the impossible

Mike Cameron had the unenviable task of replacing Ken Griffey Jr. as the Mariners' center fielder, yet he became a fan favorite in Seattle.
4 months ago