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Seahawks Jamal Adams
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Jim Moore’s Top 10 Seahawks Takeaways: Jamal Adams looks like right choice over Jadeveon Clowney

Jamal Adams had a strong debut for the Seahawks in their Week 1 win over the Falcons. (Getty)

Welcome to TTTT – the Top Ten Tuesday Takeaways on the Seahawks, which I plan to write every Tuesday this season unless something comes up, at which point you’ll see TTTT on Thursday because it would wreck the whole suspect concept if I wrote it on Wednesday and had to call it TTWT.

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So with that it’s time for the inaugural Top Ten Tuesday Takeaways, some of which will make you shake your head, others of which will make you nod your head, and still others that might make you nod off completely.

10) The only people who cared about the Falcons racking up passing yards in bunches in the fourth quarter were fantasy footballers who had Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Russell Gage on their teams. You can’t judge the Seahawks’ secondary from that game, even if Pro Football Focus did, giving every defensive back a below-average grade. PFF thinks Quinton Dunbar had the roughest day of all.

9) Until we can officially say the Seahawks let Russ cook, let’s see if Russell Wilson chucks it as early and often against the Patriots as he did against the Falcons. I sense we’ll see more of a Seahawks game plan that we’re used to with an emphasis on the running game. The Patriots have a much better secondary than the Falcons.

• 8) I found it interesting that even in a small sample size, Carlos Hyde had more carries than Chris Carson, 7-6. This bears watching if nothing else. If I’m Carson, I’m not gonna be happy about sharing the load, especially in a contract year.

7) Did anyone else think it was strange that two guys everyone raved about in training camp – defensive end Alton Robinson and Dee Jay Dallas – were on the inactive list for the Falcons game? Why was that?

6) If you watched Jamal Adams Sunday morning with the Seahawks and Jadeveon Clowney Monday night with the Titans, you can’t possibly wish things had worked out differently. One was a difference-maker and the other looked like he should be making the NFL minimum instead of the $20 million he was seeking.

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• 5) The Seahawks are favored in their next four games against the Patriots, Cowboys, Dolphins and Vikings and will be 5-0 when they head into their bye week. And after their bye week they’ll face the 6-0 Cardinals in Glendale, Ariz., in a showdown between two unbeaten NFC West teams. Arizona 6-0? Yep, in the next four weeks the 1-0 Cardinals face Washington, Detroit, Carolina and the Jets, then take on the Cowboys in a Monday night game before hosting the Seahawks on Oct. 25.

• 4) Who were you more surprised to see making a play or two against the Falcons: sixth-round rookie Freddie Swain or safety Lano Hill (who I’d frankly forgotten about and was shocked that he made the team)?

3) Count me in as someone who’s happy that the Seahawks have finally moved on from having Tyler Lockett return kicks and punts. Why risk injury to your No. 1 receiver when he never really made a splash play as a returner last year anyway?

2) I liked that the Broncos allowed around 500 friends and relatives of the players to attend Monday night’s game against the Titans. Is there some reason the Seahawks can’t do that Sunday night? I would think you could safely socially distance 500 people in a 70,000-seat stadium.

1) The Seahawks are undefeated when Brian Schottenheimer calls games from the press box. For the first time, the offensive coordinator moved upstairs from the sideline, and since all the cooking people were so excited about the Seahawks’ offense in the first half, maybe that had something to do with it. Maybe not. We’ll have to see how that plays out from here.

Sorry, Top Ten lists usually end with a bang with the No. 1 item – I’ll try to come out more aggressively next week.

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