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Seahawks Russell Wilson
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Moore on Seahawks’ win: Time to tip my cap to the ‘cooking people’?

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson had four TD passes Sunday, including two in the first quarter. (Getty)

Hey, I guess I need to bow down or tip my cap to the “Let Russ Cook” movement because Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was better than ever against the Falcons.

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Then again, not to downplay how sensational he was, but haven’t we seen Wilson have these kinds of games before the cooking people came out of their basements?

I think we have, but they’ll point to throwing more frequently on first and second down and increased tempo at different points in the game. They also might point to Wilson throwing 35 passes, more than usual. So were his 31 completions.

I also liked his “throwback keeper” when he tucked it under his left arm and rambled downfield for 28 yards.

But as good as Wilson was, Jamal Adams might have outshined him, giving the Seahawks a huge defensive lift, showing up all over the field, particularly at key moments in the game. How many big plays did he make? Count the number of commas in the first sentence of this paragraph; it was somewhere in that neighborhood, and I might be short-changing him.

When there was a big play, Adams was on the scene with a tackle behind the line of scrimmage, a tackle to prevent a first down, a sack or good pass coverage. He appeared to be worth two first-round draft choices if not three or four.

I don’t know if you could have scripted a better first game for the Seahawks – and I guess you could quibble with the garbage-time passing yards that Matt Ryan had – but none of that mattered. It was pretty clear from start to finish which team was in control.

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