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Kevin Durant: NBA can’t ignore calls for Sonics to return to Seattle

Only one person who was on the court for Friday’s NBA preseason game at Seattle’s KeyArena could speak to the statement the fans made about wanting the Sonics to return: Kevin Durant, the star of the final Sonics team 10 years ago.

So here’s what he said following the Warriors’ 122-94 win over the Sacramento Kings in the final scheduled event before KeyArena is replaced by a new arena under the same roof at Seattle Center.

“The message was sent over these last 11 years. There’s still support for the Sonics in the NBA arenas around the country, around the world. So many people know what the Sonics’ culture is, and that’s something the NBA can’t ignore, and I think tonight was kinda the cherry on top. As far as saying, ‘Hey, look man, we deserve a team here. We will support a team.’ They need to bring one back, man. We’re going to keep saying it until it happens. All of us in here, everybody in that arena, every NBA players knows it, so hopefully the NBA does what it’s supposed to do.”

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