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Seahawks defense back after shutting out Jets?


By Brady Henderson

Coach Pete Carroll cited young players trying to do too much as a reason for some of the Seahawks’ defensive struggles in recent weeks.

That begged for some elaboration.

“It means if you’ve got the ‘B’ gap and you see the ball going into the ‘A’, you’re jumping out of your gap to go to the ‘A’ and now the running back cuts back to the ‘B’ and he hits a wide open gap,” safety Kam Chancellor told “Bob and Groz” on Monday.

“That’s doing too much right there. Just trying to play somebody else’s position, not doing it intentionally but just doing too much sometimes, like Coach said. That’s what happens. It throws the defense off, it throws the play off and bad things can happen.”

The Seahawks had issues against the run and pass and on third down at different times over the past month. They had no such problems during their 28-7 win over the Jets on Sunday.

In the video below, Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby discuss that performance and what it says about the state of Seattle’s defense.

You can listen to Monday’s podcast here.