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Listen: Supercut of Nelson Cruz’s 163 home runs with the Mariners

Nelson Cruz hit 163 home runs in his four seasons with the Mariners. (AP)

Nelson Cruz hit 163 home runs in a Mariners uniform – each uniquely devastating, each one inspiring a distinctively poignant home run call.

With Nelson Cruz off to Minnesota, a look at his best Mariners moments

Shameless Nelson fan and last-name sharer, 710 ESPN Seattle’s The Blitz host Lydia Cruz, compiled the best of the radio calls of Nelson’s 163 moonshots (including every “Boomstick, baby!” in radio existence), as a tribute to one of the best free agent signings in Mariners history.

For now, Cruz’s total of home runs for the Mariners will sit at 163. He officially signed a one-year deal with an option for 2020 with the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday.

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