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Jake Heaps’ Film Room: WR Aaron Fuller emerging as one of No. 7 UW Huskies’ best weapons

The No. 7-ranked UW Huskies have been making developments throughout the season on offense under first-year coordinator Bush Hamdan, and the latest has to do with a specific player that quarterback Jake Browning can rely on.

After unexpected scare, No. 7 UW Huskies focused on Oregon

That would be junior wide receiver Aaron Fuller, who has 35 receptions for 574 yards and two touchdowns on the year, and has hit the 100-yard mark four times in the 5-1 Huskies’ six games.

In this week’s Huskies edition of Jake Heaps’ Film Room, the former NFL and NCAA quarterback shows how UW has started to create opportunities for Fuller by breaking down his 25-yard touchdown reception late in the first quarter of last week’s win at UCLA.

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