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Jake Heaps’ Film Room: No. 11 UW Huskies’ offense finding key to success

A challenge that presented itself early this season for the No. 11 UW Huskies was the offense under new coordinator Bush Hamdan. It took a few weeks for quarterback Jake Browning and company to get going under Hamdan, but in last weekend’s 27-20 win over Arizona State, some positive signs began to show through.

Opponents avoiding taking chances vs No. 11 UW Huskies’ DBs

In the attached video, former NFL quarterback and current contributor Jake Heaps breaks down how Browning was able to identify an opportunity to check out of a run play in the first quarter of the win over the Sun Devils, instead creating a chance for him to connect with Ty Jones on a post-corner route for a 24-yard gain. That led to a touchdown pass from Browning to Jones that gave the Huskies a lead they never relinquished en route to the victory.

By the way, it wasn’t just that Browning made the right call with his audible. As Heaps shows in the video, the UW Huskies offensive line also did its part to give Browning a nice pocket and plenty of time to get his throw off.

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