Instant Reaction: 710 ESPN Seattle on Seahawks’ 42-7 loss to Rams

Dec 17, 2017, 4:54 PM | Updated: 6:12 pm
Tackling was one of the Seahawks' biggest problems in their 42-7 loss to the Rams. (AP)...
Tackling was one of the Seahawks' biggest problems in their 42-7 loss to the Rams. (AP)

The voices of 710 ESPN Seattle provide their initial impressions of the Seahawks’ 42-7 loss to the Rams on Sunday below. Tune in Monday to the station for even more reaction to the game.

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Dave Grosby of Bob, Groz and Tom

Unfortunately for the Seahawks, this is the kind of game that has you thinking about the future – and not the immediate future, either. To lay an egg of this size with so much on the line and at home is inconceivable. You have now lost four of your last seven, including three at home – and you needed a minor miracle to not lose to Houston at home, as well. You sold out some of your future to be good this year as well. I understand the injuries and thought the Seahawks would lose this game, but not like this. I will let the other guys tell you how they are still in the playoff hunt. With the exception of the Eagles game, I haven’t seen it for two months.

Mike Salk of Brock and Salk

We all expected the CenturyLink crowd to be loud. What we didn’t count on was its loudest moment being the boos raining down upon the Seahawks as they trudged to the locker room down 34-0 at the half. Quite honestly, as bad as that score sounds, it didn’t even do justice to how lopsided the game really was. The Seahawks were outplayed in every phase, manner and aspect of this football game, but two places stand out: the trenches and tackling. The Rams opened up holes for a ferocious running attack, protected their quarterback like Kasperov protects his king, pressured Russell Wilson into oblivion and then ran through countless arm tackles. That’s not only a recipe for a loss, it’s how you get run out of your own building. Injuries no doubt played a role in how the last two seasons have ended, but eventually they fall away as an excuse. Roster construction has to take age, wear and tear, depth and everything else into consideration. And with two losses in December, three losses in their last four games, and help needed for a playoff berth, the Seahawks will likely have to make changes now.

Tom Wassell of Bob, Groz and Tom

CenturyLink Field. Mid-December. Division rival. NFC West on the line. This is the day the Seahawks forgot how to tackle. Nobody should demand that Seattle’s defense remain dominant with most of their Pro Bowlers unable to play due to injury. On the other hand, every defender in the NFL should be able to make a tackle. None of the Seahawks were able to do that today – not even Earl Thomas. When you have an offense that starts as slow as Seattle’s, the defense has to be able to keep the game under control. It failed. The thing I’ve enjoyed most about the Carroll-era Seahawks is that they never quit, and have always fought back right down to the last whistle. The thing I’ve enjoyed least is that when things don’t go their way, they pout and are classless in defeat. Today, the fans were totally justified in booing them out of their own building.

Bob Stelton of Bob, Groz and Tom

I was trying to find a positive or a silver lining to this game, but let’s be honest, there isn’t one. NOTHING went right. NOBODY played well. The defense was a disaster! The offense was putrid! And the special teams were FAR from special. I can’t begin to imagine what “tell-the-truth Monday” will be like for this team. Because the truth is, that was the worst display of football that I have seen from this team in recent memory – or maybe ever. When the Seahawks had their destiny in their hands, they failed to show up. While the playoffs are still a possibility – depending on what the teams in front of them do – the Hawks now have to root for other teams to handle their business to help them out. This is about as disappointed as I’ve been with this team in a long time. I know they’re dealing with a ton of injuries, but what we saw in this game went far beyond a short-handed team doing what it can. They were flat out no-shows.

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Instant Reaction: 710 ESPN Seattle on Seahawks’ 42-7 loss to Rams