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Seahawks’ Earl Thomas opens up to Gee Scott on what is driving his comeback from a broken leg

What will the return of Earl Thomas mean?

Sometimes you don’t realize what you have with someone until they are gone. We all know how important Earl has been to the Seahawks, but on Monday a video posted on his Twitter account of him training to prepare for a comeback made the hair on my arm stand up.

After watching the video, I reached out to Earl and asked, “Where does your drive come from to come back better than ever?”

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His response: “My drive comes from the strides I made last year and my understanding of how our defense works and how big of a impact I have on the defense. I know if I train hard and commit myself, I’ll give myself a chance to be dominant again and also us a great chance to win a championship. I truly believe things would’ve turned out differently if I would’ve never went down last year.”

It feels and seems like Earl has plenty left to prove. Seeing his video and reading his text gives me confidence that the Seahawks’ championship window will be open for longer than I thought.

If you’re a fan of the Seahawks, this is exciting.