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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
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Who wins the trial of Russell Wilson vs the Seattle Seahawks?

Russell Wilson has been vocal this offseason about some issues with the Seahawks. (AP)

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks have had a disagreement this offseason. There’s just one to settle it – with a good, old fashioned trial presided over by the only person in Seattle sports with enough clout to make the final call.

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That person would be the honorable Judge Groz – aka Dave “The Groz” Grosby, longtime Seattle sports radio host and current host emeritus for 710 ESPN Seattle – who joined Danny and Gallant on Friday morning to hear out the cases presented by Danny O’Neil, representing Russell Wilson, and Paul Gallant, representing the Seattle Seahawks.

There are even more characters involved in this most entertaining case, too. Jake Heaps, former Seahawks quarterback, current co-host of 710 ESPN Seattle’s Jake and Stacy and the “QB guru” for Wilson himself, serves as a witness. Questioning him is O’Neil’s co-counsel and Heaps’ co-host Stacy Rost, as well as Gallant’s co-counsel and apparently not (?) Heaps’ co-host “Tracy Frost.”

You can watch the trial in full in the video below or listen along in the podcast at this link.

First, a case summary:

In the 710th Circuit Court of ESPN Radio we are hearing the case of Russell Wilson vs. the Seattle Seahawks LLC. This is a civil action filed on behalf of the plaintiff, Russell C. Wilson, this his words should be given more credence and his physical safety more importance in future actions taken by the Seattle Seahawks, a National Football League franchise with Pete Carroll, presiding head coach, and John Schneider as the general manager in charge of football operations.

Now, the video.

And for those of you who want to jump ahead:


Here’s the moment the verdict was revealed by Judge Groz.

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