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Seahawks S Jamal Adams
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Moore: 5 thoughts on the Seahawks’ trade for safety Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams is the newest member of the Seahawks after a blockbuster trade last weekend. (Getty)

The Seahawks traded for one of the better young players in the league this past weekend in All-Pro safety Jamal Adams, who Seattle acquired for safety Bradley McDougald, two first-round picks and a third-round pick, while also acquiring a fourth-round selection next year. Jim Moore of 710 ESPN Seattle’s Bob, Dave and Moore shares his five thoughts on the Seahawks’ blockbuster trade.

Rost answers your questions about the Adams trade and Seattle’s plans

1)  Per Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, the Seahawks gave up the most passing yards in franchise history last year (4,223). They also allowed 4.9 yards per carry for the second year in a row. And we all know about the 28 sacks in 2019.

In other words, the defense is what’s preventing them from returning to the Super Bowl in spite of the howling you’re hearing from the “cooking people” who want Russell Wilson to have more control of the offense.

Adams could be a one-man solution to the defensive issues, improving what had been an average secondary. Better coverage should lead to more sacks. And Adams can provide some himself, getting 6.5 last year with the Jets.

More than that, I like hearing about his reputation against the run, which has been just as big of a problem as the pass rush for the Seahawks.

2) Marquise Blair will never be the player the Seahawks hoped he’d be.

I’m guessing we’ll look at him the same way we look at offensive lineman Ethan Pocic, another second rounder who has not lived up to expectations.

Blair’s periodic big hits last year appear to have glossed over his drawbacks as a player that kept him from getting the kind of playing time you would have expected from a second rounder.

And this observation was confirmed by the Adams trade. If the Seahawks truly thought Blair was on the come up, they would have gone with him as their starting strong safety this year. It’s unfair to think he’ll ever be as good as Adams, but it’s fair to expect him to be above average. And if that were the case, at the price you’re paying him compared to what Adams will soon be making, don’t you think they’d roll the dice with Blair?

3) Does the Adams acquisition put K.J. Wright’s spot on the team in jeopardy?

I’ve wondered about K.J.’s status in 2020 ever since the Seahawks drafted Jordyn Brooks in the first round. The Seahawks could save $6.5 million by releasing Wright. He’s 31 now, but he’s coming off a good season. Was it good enough to hold off Brooks?

Maybe so, but Adams complicates things because even though he’s listed as a strong safety, Pro Football Focus notes that he has played considerably more snaps at linebacker in his career (1,099) than at strong safety (328) or any other position.

Adams is said to be at his best closer to the line of scrimmage. Could he be another player who takes snaps away from Wright, making him more expendable, particularly considering the $6.5 million you’d save against the cap by releasing him?

4) Will the addition of Adams make the Seahawks more attractive to Jadeveon Clowney?

The Seahawks currently have $17.2 million in cap space and would have even more by releasing Wright. Conceivably, they could make a good offer to Clowney and still have enough left over to entice one of the better defensive tackles still on the free-agent market, another position where they need help.

5) The down side: The Seahawks are going to have a heck of a time keeping all of their talented secondary together in 2021 so the pressure’s on to get back to the Super Bowl this year.

If Quinton Dunbar gets taken off the Commissioner’s Exempt List and plays this year, he will be a free agent at the end of the season and in line for a hefty contract. Same holds true for the Seahawks’ other starting cornerback, Shaquill Griffin.

Adams will want his money too. Even though he is under contract through 2021, he wanted an extension from the Jets during this offseason. I’m guessing he’ll be all right with holding off for one more year with the Seahawks but not two.

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