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Michael Bennett’s intimate thoughts on the Seahawks being the hunted


As the saying goes, the reigning Super-Bowl champions get everyone’s best shot.

But what exactly does that entail? The ever entertaining Michael Bennett had an awfully funny – and mildly racy – take on the matter when he joined 710 ESPN Seattle’s “Bob and Groz” on Wednesday.

“It’s a lot different. People want to play you,” Bennett said. “… They probably don’t have sex for the week, probably eat all the right things, they probably do everything right that week. It’s like, ‘We’re playing the Seahawks. No, baby, not tonight. Maybe Sunday night.’ But that’s just how it is.”

All kidding aside, Bennett said having the proverbial target on their back is a reality the Seahawks are facing this season.

“Everybody is doing everything right to make sure that they potentially can beat us.” he said. “We have to take that into consideration, that we have to be just good as we were last year, just as disciplined and even more.”