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Golf personality David Feherty talks bringing his one-man show to Tacoma

David Feherty will be at Tacoma's Pantages Theater on Nov. 15. (AP)
LISTEN: Golf personality David Feherty joins Danny, Dave and Moore

David Feherty, one of the most entertaining, offbeat personalities in the world of golf, brings his one-man show, “Feherty Off Tour: Wandering Around On His Own” to Pantages Theater in Tacoma Nov. 15 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at

Danny O’Neil, Dave Wyman and I spoke to Feherty last week, and you can listen to the interview at this link or in the player embedded above.

Feherty is a former professional golfer from Northern Ireland who says he never wanted to be great because he was more comfortable being mediocre.

Now an NBC on-course golf analyst, he is best know for his Golf Channel show called “Feherty,” where he conducts one-on-one interviews, profiling some of the biggest names in golf and other walks of life.

Among the many guests he has interviewed over the past six years: Tony Romo, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Bill Russell (who lives on Mercer Island), Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Bobby Knight, and John Daly.

People open up to him on the show, and Feherty says it’s because “one of the advantages of having a (bleeped)-up life is that other people are more comfortable telling you about theirs.”

Feherty, 59, speaks openly during his show about depression and his years as a drug addict and alcoholic. His training regimen used to include weed, cocaine, a daily dose of 40 Vicodin and 2 1/2 bottles of whiskey. He would call himself a world-class drunk.

He still deals with depression and says he’s “overwhelmed by sadness several times a day, spending a lot of time in tears.”

It has been a rough year for Feherty – his son died on his 29th birthday in July from an overdose.

Feherty lost 25 pounds in 2016, telling Jimmy Fallon that he knew it was time to do something about it when “my wife started playing with my breasts.”

In 1999, Feherty played in the Fred Couples Invitational at the Golf Club of Newcastle and was one of the co-leaders after the first round.

Feherty gets crazy nervous before every show, telling the San Diego Union-Tribune: “I’m still pretty frightened every time I do it. I’m a basket case backstage. I’m OK when the bell rings, but in the hours leading up to it, I’m thinking, ‘Jesus, this might be the one that I die a death out there.’ “