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Clayton: ‘No way, no how’ Seahawks trade for Revis


By Brady Henderson

Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, perhaps the NFL’s best cornerback duo, are each playing with contracts nowhere near commensurate with their on-field contributions.

ap-darrelle-revis-cease-firejpg-bdcc96c547bc0008 large
Darrelle Revis

That’s one reason why John Clayton adamantly rejects the possibility of the Seahawks trading for Darrelle Revis should the Jets decide to deal their star cornerback. New York is reportedly open to such a move, fearful of losing Revis and getting nothing in return when his contract voids after next season.

A report from Mike Freeman of on Friday suggested the Seahawks are among the teams “highly interested” in Revis, whose contract calls for him to make $6 million next season.

“Seattle is not going to take on somebody that’s going to be paid more than any cornerback … on this team,” Clayton said during “Cold Hard Facts” on Friday. “That’s not going to happen.”

Revis, who will be 28 by the start of next season, is a four-time Pro Bowl selection and a former NFL defensive player of the year. He was unanimously considered the NFL’s top cornerback before tearing his ACL in September.

Acquiring Revis in a trade would presumably require one or more high draft choices, even with questions about his ability to return from a serious knee injury. And with Revis set to become a free agent after next season, giving up such haul would seem pointless in the absence of a contract extension.

So if the Seahawks were to trade for Revis, they’d be giving up significant draft capital for the right to sign him to a lucrative new deal.

All the while, Sherman and Browner would be making peanuts compared to Revis.

“No way, no how,” Clayton said. “There’s no chance of that ever happening.”

Clayton thinks Revis will remain with the Jets.

“If you trade Revis, your best player, for anything less than a first and another pick, you’re giving him away,” Clayton said. “And it’s going to be hard for a team to offer more than a first-round pick knowing that at 28, coming off an ACL surgery, he’s going to be wanting anywhere between 15 to 18 million dollars a year. That’s just tough to do.”