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Will Seahawks consider chemistry with Flynn decision?

By Brady Henderson

The Seahawks will weigh several factors when determining their best course of action with backup quarterback Matt Flynn.

Among the obvious are the $5.25 million Flynn is scheduled to earn in base salary in 2013, the benefits of keeping what the team considers a starting-caliber backup, the availability of a viable alternative and what type of compensation the Seahawks could get in a trade.

Brock Huard thinks Matt Flynn’s unhappiness over his status as Russell Wilson’s backup could lead to problems. (AP)

Another potential factor – one that hasn’t been discussed as much – was the subject of a debate when Mike Sando of joined Brock and Damon Huard on “Brock and Salk” Monday. The discussion centered around Flynn’s perceived unhappiness with his role and to what degree that might make the Seahawks more inclined to trade him.

Sando and the Huards see it differently.

Brock Huard’s stance is based largely on his perception that Flynn’s dissatisfaction over his status as Russell Wilson’s backup affected the way he went about his job. Huard said Flynn “was not a guy that helped Russell. He was not a guy that was into those Tuesday meetings. And rightfully so, he wanted that job very badly.”

The Huards, both former NFL quarterbacks, agreed that it’s potentially problematic if Flynn stews on the bench for another season as Wilson’s backup as opposed to getting a chance to start elsewhere.

Sando dismissed the idea that Flynn’s displeasure with his situation could negatively influence Wilson. Sando’s reasoning was that Wilson’s stellar rookie season is evidence that he can excel regardless of whether Flynn is on board. Chemistry among quarterbacks would be ideal, Sando said, but the fact that Flynn is no threat to Wilson at this point decreases the potential for a team-wide distraction.

And because of that, Sando sees little reason for the Seahawks to be determined to trade Flynn, especially without an equal or better alternative.

“To me, that’s not the reason you take less of a price [in a trade],” Sando said. “And heck, you could be in a situation this year where Russell Wilson gets hurt or something, then Matt Flynn goes in and you need him.”

That’s where Damon Huard jumped in.

“You’ve got to have a guy that can come in there and play at a moment’s notice and he better be ready to play,” he said. “And if Matt Flynn is not happy to be here, he might not be ready when the team needs him.”

John Schneider and Pete Carroll are known for leaving no stone unturned when it comes to personnel decisions. You can bet this issue will at the very least be taken into consideration when they’re deciding what to do with Flynn.