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Chalk Talk: Wilson, Lynch connect for 55-yard gain

By Brady Henderson

“He’s such a brilliant guy.”

That’s what Seahawks offensive-line coach Tom Cable said about running back Marshawn Lynch during a conversation with “Brock and Danny” back in June. Cable, explaining how and why Seattle’s running game began to click in 2011, gave much of the credit to Lynch and his football intelligence.

“People don’t probably understand that or appreciate that about him,” Cable said. “He’s, in a lot of ways, an expert at football. He understands how to run it, why, what do I need to do, how do I set up combinations, he understands all the protection, doesn’t miss a route, all those things. What people didn’t know is that Marshawn is really brilliant.”

That conversation is worth revisiting after the latest edition of “Chalk Talk” in which Brock Huard explains that Lynch’s awareness was one key to his 55-yard reception during Seattle’s win over Tennessee.

You can watch the play here.