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Super Bowl halftime show
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Moore: Super Bowl halftime show prime example nobody agrees to disagree anymore

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were the performers in Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show. (Getty)

No one can have an opinion anymore. Oh, you can have one, but if you do, prepare for an onslaught of how wrong, dumb and pathetic you are. Nobody simply disagrees with your opinion. The days of agreeing to disagree are in the past. This past Super Bowl halftime show is a prime example.

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I sent out a tweet yesterday, saying that I thought Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were putting on the best Super Bowl halftime show ever.

Maybe I should have watered it down and said I was merely enjoying the halftime show, but that probably wouldn’t have mattered. I still would have heard from the crowd that hated the halftime show, thinking it was too provocative and objectified women.

If you’re in that crowd, that’s fine, I get it, that’s how you felt about it. I’m not gonna rip you for thinking the show was inappropriate and terrible. But apparently I couldn’t say I liked the show without the other side thinking I was a dirty old man, and if I wasn’t a dirty old man, I would have felt like they did about the show.

I don’t care, I thought the whole thing was entertaining. I sat there and thought about the hours of practice that went into that performance. And do you really think the NFL would have approved the show if the league felt it was going too far?

I didn’t just get blasted on social media, I got it at home. My wife thought it was the worst halftime show ever. Yet my 15-year-old kids thought it was “filthy,” as in really good. My wife thought it was filthy too, she just has a different definition of that word.

Lydia Cruz, host of “The Blitz” on 710 ESPN Seattle, liked the show and tweeted: “2020, the year of powerful beautiful women doing amazing things omg haters to the left.”

The haters spoke up, of course, with one of them saying to Cruz: “Let me guess, you aren’t raising a little girl. That was trash. Your take is garbage.”

Bob Stelton, my co-host on Bob, Dave and Moore, didn’t enjoy the show and had issues with the lip-syncing. Thing is, I don’t care if they lip-synced. So what? Was I entertained regardless of whether they were actually singing? The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

If you looked at J-Lo on that pole and marveled at her strength and ability to pull that off at the age of 50, nope, what’s the matter with you? You can’t feel that way you loser!

Another tweet from a USA Today story said: “It was a bad strip show. We have had so much positive discussion about not treating women like sexual objects, then they go and do this.”

Yet another said: “If I want to see sleazy dancers, I’d go to a men’s club.”

So I guess a lot of people found it offensive, but I didn’t. Which apparently makes me a lower lifeform who should be ashamed of myself instead of someone who just has a different opinion than yours.

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