Get a piece of Husky Stadium’s not-so-glorious past

Oct 19, 2011, 10:30 AM | Updated: 11:12 am

You might have to outbid the Go 2 Guy for the 30-minute DVD that documents the Huskies’ 0-12 season in 2008. (AP)

By Jim Moore

As you know, the Huskies are playing their last game at Husky Stadium on Nov. 5 against the Oregon Ducks. The renovation project begins two days later.

Before the wrecking ball arrives, the U-Dub is offering all kinds of stuff from the old stadium, including vintage Don James Center seats, sideline benches, game-worn jerseys and signs. The online sale begins Wednesday at 6 p.m. and closes on Nov. 2 at 8 p.m. If you’d like to participate, visit the university’s website.

Even the Coug-lovin’ Go 2 Guy thinks this is a great idea. If I’m a Husky fan, I’d like a part of the old stadium for my home or office.

In fact, I was a Husky fan throughout my childhood. We had season tickets in section 7, and my mom and I went to games during the Sonny Sixkiller era. I absolutely loved No. 6 and still do. Also loved Bill Cahill and Calvin Jones — no one ever wanted to punt to those guys.

It’s very cool that the U-Dub administration recognized the significance of the stadium to Husky fans.

“We have heard from a lot of fans who hope to collect a piece of Husky Stadium before it’s renovated,” said Chip Lydum, associate athletic director for operations and capital projects. “We have worked diligently to make as many items available as possible, and we are excited to be able to offer these collectibles to our fans.”

You can probably get a bigger list of what’s available by visiting the aforementioned website, but if you want the most complete list, you’ll get it here from the Go 2 Guy, who specializes in reader service if nothing else.

Along with the conventional stadium memorabilia, I have learned that other items will go up for bid today. These items are especially sentimental to those who have lived and died with Husky football over the years.

Dawg fans who appreciate the proud tradition and rich heritage of Washington football are encouraged to bid on these priceless items. Whether you want a cherished keepsake for yourself or a terrific Christmas gift for someone else, check out this list of treasures that are sure to bring back fond memories from the Huskies’ glorious past:

• Found under a sideline bench, love letters and letters that weren’t so lovey-dovey later on from Barbara Hedges to Rick Neuheisel. Everyone thought the former AD had a crush on her much-younger coach, and now there’s proof that Hedges was not only a Husky but a Cougar too. The high bidder will also receive Hedges’ purple blow dryer and special cement that she used to keep that bizarre swoop of hers in place.

• The Billy Joe Hobert Probation Nation package, featuring guns, stereo equipment, golf clubs and a sleeve of Titleist Pro V1s that were bought with an illegal loan he received while playing quarterback for the Huskies. The high bidder will also get the keys to a 1991 Ford-tough pickup truck in mint condition that Billy Joe purchased with his under-the-table dough, complete with a gun rack!

• Blown-up and framed, making it perfect for a special place in your Husky household, the Ed Hansen email to former UW president Mark Emmert, promising to donate $200,000 to the law school if AD Todd Turner and coach Tyrone Willingham were fired. As a special bonus, the high bidder will receive an 8-by-11 photo of the former Everett mayor wearing his “I Bark For Sark” T-shirt while sucking his thumb and stroking his purple-and-gold blankie.

Now Cougar fans can own the patch of turf where Brandon Gibson caught the game-winning touchdown pass from Alex Brink in the 2007 Apple Cup. (AP)

• The expanse of turf where Alex Brink found Brandon Gibson all alone in the 2007 Apple Cup, giving the Cougars a 42-35 victory. Because of the size of the turf, bidders are reminded that a Mack truck will be needed to haul it home.

• The Rick Neuheisel package, featuring the former coach’s March Madness pool, tape from a radio show in which he lied about his interview with the 49ers, and the cell phone that rang while he was on the witness stand during his wrongful termination trial. Also included in this once-in-a-lifetime Slick Rick package — a purple sweater vest with lipstick on the collar (Babs?) and a poster-sized photo of Neuheisel’s sister giving the double bird to Hugh Millen in a Kent courtroom. (I might bid on this one myself.)

• Found under a couple of hot dog wrappers in the ROOT Sports box, a 30-minute DVD entitled: “Whattaya Mean No One’s Perfect? In 2008, We Were!” highlighting the Huskies’ 0-12 season. (I might bid on this one too.)

• Found gathering dust under section 3 in the horseshoe, a 10-foot statue of Dr. Feelgood complete with 36-inch marble syringe. (You might ask what softball stuff has to do with Husky Stadium and the football program, and I’d respond by saying: “Good question.”)

• Limited edition Nick Holt instructional videos “How I Fooled Them All”, “Swearing Makes Me Feel Tough”, and if you’re the high bidder, the Huskies will throw in two more at no additional charge: “Scowling My Way to 600K” and “Idaho Can Kiss My Ass”.

• Taped excerpts from the final meeting between Willingham and Michael Braunstein when the coach told the kicker that he was suddenly a senior and had only one game left in his career. Among the highlights is this unforgettable exchange:

Coach Willingham: “Coach Willingham believes that you have an attitude problem, and Coach Willingham does not want to deal with it anymore.”

Braunstein: “Kicker Braunstein believes that Coach Willingham is the biggest jerk I’ve ever played for, and Kicker Braunstein doesn’t want to deal with Coach Willingham anymore either. Damn, I’ve gotta get away from you — I’m talking in the third-person too!”

• Found scattered in the locker room, 15 empty fifths of Jagermeister that were authentically purchased by Jerramy Stevens. The high bidder will also receive the UW sweatshirt that Stevens used for traction after slamming his rig into a rest home and getting stuck in the flower bed.

• The Coaches’ Collection featuring an assortment of famous quotes from Washington’s finest leaders, including “Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do” from Neuheisel, and “I Quit” from Don James.

• Two crumpled up crimson-and-gray crying towels found behind a toilet in a Husky Stadium bathroom — one from the 1975 Apple Cup in which Al Burleson and Spider Gaines combined to beat the Cougs in the final minutes, and the other from the 1981 Apple Cup in which the Dawgs not only knocked the Cougs out of the Rose Bowl but punched their own ticket to Pasadena. Both towels were used by the Go 2 Guy.

Special thanks to for their assistance with this column. Jim Moore also writes for his website You can reach him at and follow him on Twitter @cougsgo.

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Get a piece of Husky Stadium’s not-so-glorious past