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Seahawks 3 Takes: After hot start, is 2020 ‘Super Bowl or bust’ for Seattle?

The Seahawks are off to a franchse-record 5-0 start in 2020. (Getty)

As you may have heard, the Seahawks are 5-0 for the first time in franchise history and now get a week off before returning to action for a Week 7 matchup with the Arizona Cardinals.

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The season has been interesting to say the least, as the Seahawks have finally “Let Russ Cook,” and the defense is still struggling mightily despite some offseason changes. Regardless, Seattle sits at 5-0 and leads both the NFC West and the NFC as a whole ahead of Week 6.

Now that we’ve seen this team perform for five games and have seen its strengths and weaknesses, what are the expectations going forward? Is it time to say that this season will be a bust if the Seahawks don’t win or at least make the Super Bowl?

Curtis Rogers, Tom Wassell and Stacy Rost tackled this question on Thursday’s edition of 710 ESPN Seattle’s Tom, Jake and Stacy. Here’s what they had to say.

Super Bowl or bust for the Seahawks?

Curtis Rogers: “Not yet, but if they get to 7-0, 8-0, then yes, it absolutely becomes a Super Bowl or bust season. Because at that point, half of your season is already done and you’re picking up wins every single week. At that point, the road ahead of you becomes even easier, the road to a first-round bye is even easier. That’s why I think it becomes a Super Bowl or bust scenario if they do get a couple more wins here over the next few weeks.”

Tom Wassell: “I guess if you look at this season in a vacuum, the better they get or the better any team gets, the more disappointing it’s going to be if they don’t win the Super Bowl. But a lot of the times when you say ‘Super Bowl or bust’ or ‘World Series or bust,’ what you mean is we’re in win-now mode. Like we’ve got to win now because our window is closing. I don’t think their window is closing. Russell Wilson as long as he stays healthy, that not withstanding, is going to be great for the next like five years. DK Metcalf is going to be great for the next five years. Tyler Lockett, probably the same thing … Their window, in a way, has reopened over the last two years, or it’s opened wider, depending on how you want to look at it. If they go 15-1 or something, again, the better the record, the more upset you’re going to be if they don’t at least make it to the Super Bowl, but I think they’re going to have a bunch of chances to get there.”

Stacy Rost: “I think there’s going to be plenty of concern (if they don’t make the Super Bowl) because they haven’t been to the conference championship since 2014 … For the most part, we’ve been seeing them get to the divisional round and then struggle there and lose to another opponent. I think with the way this season has started, specifically where it’s offense-heavy, the ball is in Wilson’s hands literally more often … people saw this as the key to getting past that. If you give the ball to your best player, Russell Wilson, that’s the key to getting back to the NFC Championship. And that’s why I think if you don’t get back to the NFC Championship, people will think ‘what happened? Is it just the defense? You did the thing that we all thought would work, and now it hasn’t happened.’ … I don’t think (they have to make the) Super Bowl, but let’s say they get to, like Curtis said, 8-0, 9-0, 10-1, I think you start to think that this has bee their best record since (their last) NFC Championship and they don’t have a reason not to get back there.”

Listen to the conversation at this link or in the player below.

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