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O’Neil: Parsing Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s comments on Darrell Taylor, K.J. Wright and L.J. Collier

Danny O'Neil has plenty of experience parsing Seahawks coach Pete Carroll's words. (Getty)

We are proud to introduce to you the latest model of 710 ESPN Seattle’s patented Pete Parser, which has been refined through 10 years of field testing and diagnostic research. It is quite simply the best Seahawks coach translator in the Seattle market, as heard on weekday mornings between 7 and 10 a.m. on Danny and Gallant.

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It can cut through the fatal optimism that Seattle’s coach is known for, diagnosing the wide range of adjectives that he tends to employ and capable of translating the many different ways in which Pete Carroll employs the word “stuff.” Keep in mind that no translation is ever perfect, and please take the Pete Parser’s results with at least one grain of salt as we the manufacturers freely admit to taking liberties while trying to get the general gist of the coach.

Question: What’s the timeline for Darrell Taylor, the defensive end the Seahawks drafted out of Tennessee in the third round?

What Carroll said: “Darrell is, uh, he hasn’t run yet. We haven’t even let him run yet. We’re really taking care of him, and making that sure that when he gets back, he stays back. It’s really frustrating for him. He was dying to get to camp and get rolling. But they did a couple of procedures for him to make sure that they’re doing everything they can early on so he really can come busting back. When he jumps back out there, we know he’s going to be a factor. It’s going to make a difference, too, just to see his speed out on the field, too. So we’re really excited to see him back, but we’ve just go to wait it out and be patient. It’s going to be a bit, just to insure that.”

What Carroll meant: Yeah, I’m not expecting him to be out here practicing this month, which is only a couple more weeks if we’re being honest. You remember that surgery he had back in January? The one in which a rod was put into his leg to deal with the stress fracture he played through at Tennessee? Well, there was something else done in terms of treatment that I’d rather not get into so I’ll just say “procedure” and move along. He’s on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list right now, and he’s probably still going to be there when he trim the roster down to 53 players, which mean’s he’ll miss at least the first six weeks of the regular season.

Question: Is there any consideration of playing K.J. Wright as the Seahawks’ strongside linebacker?

What Carroll actually said: “He could do that. He has done it. Matter of fact, first few days he was ever here, we were thinking that. And he has been there. I’ve got whole cut-ups of him playing over the years on the edge so that I can see what he looks like. That’s all part of what was going on in the offseason. He could do that if we need him to do that. Right now, there’s no changes or anything going on.”

What Carroll meant: Bruce Irvin is our strongside linebacker. K.J. can do that if we need him to, but he’s a weakside linebacker, and before you ask, yes, that’s the spot rookie Jordyn Brooks plays, too. And if we’re being a little coy about who’s going to play there and when, please remember that a good football coach is in the business of collecting information and not necessarily sharing it. But right now, we’re not planning to have both Wright and Brooks on the field at the same time.

Question: How does L.J. Collier look so far in practice?

What Carroll actually said: “He looks different. He just looks different. I think, I talked to him yesterday about this, coming off the draft year and all of the confusion, all of the distractions, probably not in his best shape. He isn’t because I see it now. Then he goes to camp and he gets banged up, has a nasty injury. Doesn’t even get started at all. Now? To see him now? He looks like a different guy. He’s quicker. He’s explosive. He’s in great shape and he’s battling. He wasn’t ready last time around, getting into camp, getting hurt, we never did get a chance to find out.”

What Carroll meant: The best way to get a guy to have a better second season in the NFL is to get him believing he’s going to be better so let’s put some air in L.J.’s tires. It’s pretty much the same thing I said about Jarran Reed when he came back for his second season in 2017 having cut the beef and pork out of his diet. Remember last season when Rashaad Penny cut out McDonald’s? So let’s focus on the differences we’re SEEING in L.J. this year with the hope that he’ll end up BEING different.

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