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Moore: With Seahawks-Antonio Brown rumors, never mind learning from past

Rumors have swirled about the Seahawks being a landing spot for Antonio Brown. (AP)

Last week we heard more and more about the possibility of the Seahawks being interested in Antonio Brown. Whether true or not, we heard the rumors.

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I thought they’d die down after the holiday weekend and everyone would come to his senses, but Monday morning, sure enough, the Brown speculation continued. Danny O’Neil and Michael Bumpus talked about Brown on 710 ESPN Seattle, and Brock Huard chimed in with them too Monday morning, all assessing whether his incredible talent is enough to compensate for his off-field issues.

Last week I’d had it up to here with Antonio Brown rumors, and now I just want the Seahawks to sign him – and while they’re at it, they should sign Josh Gordon too. What’s another suspension down the road when he’s had eight already?

Never mind the old saying about learning from the past. The Seahawks fell in love with Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham and found out that what looked good on paper didn’t necessarily translate to the field.

But, hey, look at it this way, they could get Brown and Gordon and maybe get one full season out of it – Gordon could play the first 10 games, and then when he’s suspended for the ninth time, Brown could play the last six games after serving his 10-game suspension.

Sorry to be so darn cynical about this, but come on, it’s reached a really ridiculous point in the constantly evolving stories or non-stories of Brown and Gordon joining the Seahawks.

With Brown, we hear talk of the Seahawks having internal discussions about him. We hear Brandon Marshall talking about how good they could be with Brown on their team. We see Russell Wilson working out with Brown and Brown saying on Instagram that he’d like to see this happen on Sundays.

With Gordon, we hear about what a great teammate he was last year and how much they loved him in the locker room. Yeah, what a great teammate! Suspended after the 15th game of the year, right when the Seahawks needed him the most, just before the playoffs.

With Brown, given all of his off-field incidents and problems with other teams, it’s stupid to be talking about him joining the Seahawks. As if it will somehow be magically different here.

With Gordon, I’m with you, the kid has a drug problem, and we all feel bad for him and hope he can clean things up. But can you rely on him? If you answer yes, this time you can, you’re as crazy as any general manager who is thinking about signing Brown.

But go ahead and sign them both. Then you’d really have something – Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon to go with Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf. You’d only have one ball and a run-first offense, but let’s give it a go anyway. I’m sure Brown would be happy with five targets a game.

I’ve had enough with the speculation. Make it happen, John Schneider. Give us another lesson in failing to learn from the past.

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