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Catching up with T-Birds top prospect Dante Fabbro

By Andrew Eide

While the Seattle Thunderbirds were skating on the ice at Everett’s Comcast Arena Friday night, a potential big part of their future was watching from the stands. 2013 first round draft pick Dante Fabbro had made the trek down from Vancouver to see some WHL playoff action.

Fabbro has yet to sign with Seattle as he and his family are exploring all of the high-flying defenseman’s options for next year and beyond. He skated with the T-Birds during last fall’s training camp and was impressive in showing off his skill set.

He recently completed a stellar season in the British Columbia Major Midget Hockey League where his Vancouver NW Giants came up just short, falling in the championship series. Individually, Fabbro had a spectacular season. He posted 22 goals and 61 points in only 38 games played. He was far and away the top BCMMHL scoring defenseman and only five forwards managed to top him in points.

Fabbro was nice enough to spend a few minutes chatting during Friday’s Game 4.

Andrew Eide: Looking at your season, I know your team lost in the finals, but how did you think your season went overall?

Dante Fabbro: I think overall it was a pretty good year for the whole group of guys. I had a good break out year for points, but’s lots of credit to the team. It didn’t go as long as we wanted it to but it was a good year.

AE: You still got to the finals so it must have been a fun run?

DF: Yeah, it was definitely a fun run. With a good group of guys, it makes everything a lot easier on yourself if you have a bad game, we had good leadership.

AE: You also got to play in the MACS tournament this year, what was that experience like?

DF: It was awesome. You get to play against the top players from all across Western Canada there. You can really showcase where you are now and where you want to get to. It was a good experience, good to see all the other players.

AE: You were with Seattle during training camp, how did you enjoy that?

DF: It was good, it was a little bit scary out there sometimes with [Mitch] Elliot and those guys. I think I took that into the season, wanted to prepare myself for the next level.

AE: Have you been following the T-Birds during the season?

DF: I have off and on, I’m good friends with [Mathew] Barzal, we were childhood friends. We talk a lot and he tells me how the season is going, he’s loved it.

AE: Growing up in Vancouver I’m assuming you’ve seen a lot of WHL hockey. What’s your impression of the league?

DF: I have and I think like every kid, I think the league’s great. It’s the top big league and it’s definitely in the dreams of kids to want to play there someday. That’s definitely what mine was but looking now at all the other options we have, I’m still deciding with my family.

AE: Do you have a timeframe for when you’d like to make that decision?

DF: I’d like to make it maybe in the summer. Maybe after the playoffs are done, just sit down with my family and decide from there.

AE: What kind of factors are going into that decision?

DF: I don’t really know about factors, I just wanted to see the best fit for me. I just have to talk to my family but I’ve got to go with my heart.

AE: For fans who didn’t get to see you in training camp, how would you describe your game?

DF: I like to be as offensive as I can. I like to contribute a lot in the offensive zone but I think my defensive game is there. I think of myself as more of an offensive defenseman, which I like to be.

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