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Clayton: Randy Moss could be bargain for Seahawks


By Brady Henderson

Randy Moss, John Abraham and (of course) Matt Flynn were among the subjects discussed during Friday’s edition of “Cold Hard Facts” with John Clayton. Here’s a recap of those three:

Making the case for Moss. Tom Wassell, Matt Pitman and Dave Wyman revisited the subject after Clayton had mentioned the veteran receiver a day earlier as an option for the Seahawks, who could stand to improve at the position.

Randy Moss

Clayton likes the production Moss gave the 49ers in a limited role last year. For much the season, Moss was the third receiver in an offense that rarely runs three-receiver sets, often preferring an extra tight end instead. Clayton estimated he was only on the field for 27 percent of the 49ers’ offensive snaps, which makes his totals – 28 catches for 434 yards and three touchdowns during the regular season – look more impressive.

Clayton agreed with Wyman’s assertion that Moss’ reputation as a bad teammate is unfounded, at least based on what was an incident-free season in San Francisco.

Clayton thinks Moss could be added on a one-year deal worth $3 million at the most.

Abraham an option. John Abraham is a free agent after the Falcons cut the veteran pass rusher in a salary purge Friday. Clayton pointed to Abraham’s past interest in the Seahawks as one reason he sees a potential fit.

Coach Pete Carroll has said the Seahawks would prefer to find a pass rusher via the draft as opposed to free agency, so Abraham would seemingly have to be a bargain for Seattle. He’ll also be 35 next season, and the Falcons had to reduce his playing last year in an effort to preserve his health. So a short-term deal would make the most sense. Clayton thinks Abraham would accept an offer of around $4 million a year to come to Seattle.

Flynn buzz du jour. While the Alex Smith trade might have underscored the uncertainty about the quarterbacks in this year’s draft and therefore increased the appeal of a veteran like Matt Flynn, it also eliminated one potential trade partner for the Seahawks. Because of that, Clayton thinks there’s a good chance – 75 percent was his number – Flynn remains with the Seahawks. Clayton thinks the Jets and the Jaguars, two teams with connections to Flynn are the only remaining candidates.

The Seahawks still have the option of cutting Flynn, but Clayton believes the cap savings would be too minimal to make that a worthwhile move. Of the $5.25 million Flynn is scheduled to earn in base salary in 2013, $4 million is guaranteed.