Tom Tangney

Tom Tangney is the co-host of The Tom and Curley Show on KIRO Radio and resident enthusiast of...everything. As the film and media critic on the Morning News on KIRO Radio, he espouses his love for books, movies, TV, art, pop culture, politics, sports, and Husky football.

Alex Rodriguez facing potential lifetime ban over performance-enhancing drugs

Former Seattle Mariner and current New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez is now in the crosshairs of Major League Baseball's most serious steroid investigation ever.
10 years ago

Why Tom Tangney is rooting for underdog San Antonio in NBA finals

I completely understand and endorse an NBA news blackout for Sonics fans who still feel burned by hated NBA commissioner David Stern who foiled our best efforts to bring the Kings to Seattle.
10 years ago

Deer-antler spray source of new NFL drug controversy

Sports Illustrated has a bombshell story about a deer-antler spray that may have helped one team make it to this year's Super Bowl.
10 years ago

Nothing comes easy for Sonics fans; report heavy hitters for Sacramento entering Kings deal

Maybe the Sacramento offer isn't going to be as big a joke as Sonics fans were hoping, as mayor Kevin Johnson said Wednesday he had multiple deep-pocketed investors taking a serious look at helping buy the Kings.
10 years ago